Team meetings and performance audits are one of the most important contributors to success within a business or organization. It makes way for measuring performance, discussing ways to improve, and other similar benefits. That said, within a team meeting or professional gathering setting, perhaps the most important thing to look forward to is the conference calls. They allow for all of the benefits mentioned before but more productively and dynamically.

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However, one of the biggest mistakes made during a conference call is that they are sometimes not recorded. Not recording conference calls can have a more negative impact than people realize. In turn, they also allow for their significant company benefits that tend to be overlooked. Also, when you consider the rise of technology everywhere, it’s hard to argue against saying that conference calls are only going to grow in importance as they become more technologically upgraded. With all of this in mind, let’s go over eight benefits of recording your conference calls.

#1: They Can Be Used For Anyone That Missed The Call

As mentioned before, conference calls are a very important aspect of any organization. Because of this, typically everyone that is invited to one shows up. However, in the case that someone can’t be there, recording conference calls can be used again for anyone that missed. Especially if the conference call is very important, a recorded conference call can be easily pulled up and shown whenever necessary.


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#2: It Is A Source Of Accountability

Accountability is yet another quality that goes a long way in gaining success. Overall, this puts positive pressure on getting things accomplished in an effective but timely manner. That being said, recording a conference call can be used to get the same effect. For example, if there is a project conference call with another team, a recorded call can be used as a way to put pressure on the team to finish a project.

#3: It Can Be Stored For Reference

Another benefit that comes from recording a call is that it can be stored for reference. This can include several different scenarios, including referencing who was at the call, the topic of discussion, and everything else you might need. In many cases, this comes in handy with any emergency that may come up, such as a change of original plans.

#4: It Can Be Used As A Source Of Business Feedback

Having mentioned this before, conference calls are a great place to measure performance. As far as recording calls is concerned, they specifically help in this area by being a great source of immediate feedback. Whether the feedback is required to work on communication or presentation skills, a recording does an amazing job at highlighting low points within a conversation. With conference calls also being used in video form, they can also be used to spot and work on mannerism or other similar professional behaviors.

#5: It Can Be Used To Train Employees or New User

When a recording goes well, it can be one of the best ways to teach new employees and users how to use your call system. This can include lessons such as how to introduce yourself within a call, how to jump into a call from afar, and all sorts of other lessons. The best part about this is that the lessons can be passed on immediately from employee to employee. This creates a cycle where eventually everyone in a business or organization knows the correct way to do a conference call.

#6: It Contributes To Improved Conference Call Quality

Realistically, a conference call can include a team of members on both sides of a call. This number can range anywhere from 10-20 individual callers in one conference. As we can imagine, this can diminish quality because of many different factors. Whether it’s too many people talking at once or any other outside call interference, recording a call neutralizes the diminished quality as it can be replayed as many times as needed.

#7: It Can Be Used With Third Party Apps

Another useful benefit of recording conference calls is that they can be used in tandem with other third-party apps. Even better, this can be done both live and after a call is recorded. In a nutshell, a conference call recording makes it easier for anybody who needs to hear the recording with a wider range of ways to listen.

#8: It Eliminates The Risk Of Missed Information

Finally, yet importantly, perhaps the most important benefit of recording a conference call is that it eliminates the risk of missing valuable or important information. Especially in a live setting, conversations in a conference call usually move fast. This not only opens the door to not getting to hear valuable information but also not getting to contribute as well.




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