Your resume has to contain those words, which your recruiter wants to see. Most especially since there are various job seekers out there seeking for that same job. As a result, getting an interview is like racing against time. You will need to beat them to land that your dream job. Thus, an effective resume is crucial.

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However, if you’re a novice in resume writing, you’ll definitely need a resume service to deliver a professional resume. That is the main reason for this post. It comprises the 10 must-have words which a professional must include in your resume. They are as follows;

  • Numbers

Using numbers is the best way to introduce your skills; this is what will prove your competence. It is not advisable to just write that you are hard-working and result-oriented. You need to show it in numbers. For instance, instead of saying that you are a great online marketer, you can show results. Such as, increased digital revenue and sales in a year by 300% and that will surely grab the attention of the job employer.

  • Redesigned

It is advisable to include action verbs in your resume. In addition, you should also include verbs that highlight transformation and leadership qualities. The word redesigned is talking about your trouble-shooting skills. It also demonstrates the skill to minimize inefficiencies caused by the process and to think about the big picture.

  • Launched

Since you are advised not to use clichés in your resume, it is advisable to include powerful words. However, they should be practical and simple words that will demonstrate your responsibility. For instance; such words like launched, optimized, transformed, and solved. These words are action verbs that can make you interesting. With these words in your resume, you don’t need to resort to clichés to show your wit.

  • Modernized

According to Jacqui Barrette-Poindexter, who is a professional resume writer, “modernized, metamorphosed, and conceived” are powerful words to include in your resume. They act like the switch that can light it up. Modernized can demonstrate how you have transformed, enhanced, and envisioned your work environment. It can also showcase your reputation, customer growth, traction, gained revenue, and much more for the company. It is the perfect word you can use to promote and empower your resume.

  • Valuable or Value

When you add these words to your resume, it will bring to the mind of the job employer good things. It demonstrates the things you are ready to do for the improvement of their business. When you use words like hard-working, it will not produce the results you are expecting. However, when you concentrate on making progress, adding value, and being productive, it shows that you want to improve the organization. That is the type of words that job employers are looking for when they want to employ managers.

  • Orchestrated

You should not use ordinary words which anyone can use such as, “led” your team. It is advisable to use verbs that like, ‘orchestrated’ that actually demonstrates what you did in a particular task. If you use orchestrated, it is far better than explaining to the HM your accomplishment. ‘Orchestrate’ simply means to direct and arrange, so when you use it in your resume, there is no need for a long story. The secret of making your resume unique and stand-out is to make it look real and better than the best fiction. You should embrace the aspect of the story narration and specify your actual qualifications to your readers.

  • Be Particular

It will be more beneficial to you if you are specific in your resume than employing the trendy buzzwords. Make sure that the words you select describe your actions or goals you achieved appropriately. Instead of using hard-working, you can say the actual work you did. For instance; you can say that your work tirelessly to achieve a deadline which was an impossible one. Make sure to use words that actually demonstrate your accomplishment such as; achieved, influenced, improved, etc. as a result, your qualifications will be communicated accurately. There will be no room for miscommunication at all.

  • Managed, Led, Create

Most of the job employers out there are seeking those who are able to carry out a task from the beginning to the end. They like someone who can execute a vague strategic objective or idea and carry it out to a successful end. They are not much interested in someone who can only carry out an already decided plan. When you use keywords like, ‘managed, led, create,’ it shows that you are after the big picture. That is the surest way to catch the interest of the hiring managers.

  • Show Examples

You need to show the examples of your accomplishments if you want a resume reader to believe what you are saying. You cannot convince the resume reader by just listing your skills. It is a known fact that job seekers want to be interesting, and as a result, they will paint a pretty picture of themselves. Therefore, when you just list your skills, it will not make your resume unique. The best thing you can do is to show them the proof. If you want them to believe you are a great team player, you can tell of how you performed on creating any cross-training activity, your performance on cross-functional teams, and showing the ropes to new intakes. That is, show solid projects and achievements. This showcases your skill in a practical and credible way which will make your resume different.

  • Be Impactful and Skimmable

Make sure that the hiring managers and recruiters can easily skim your resume. Those reading your resume are always pressed for time, and as a result, they just flip pages. What they are interested in is finishing their interview in record time. Therefore, make sure that your resume is skimmable and at the same time makes an impact on the interviewer.

Overall, using the above 10 must-have words should help you to land that expected interview and job you are seeking for. In addition, you should always try to be concise and strategic when using them. Ensure that the essential and major experiences that are required for that job position are highlighted.

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