As an investor in 2019, you undoubtedly have a lot of sensitive information on your devices. If someone was to get a hold of your data, you would be in serious trouble. Unfortunately, because it is 2019, it is easier than ever for hackers to do that.

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Cybersecurity is more important than ever, but we are getting more lax about it by the day. We’ve become accustomed to relying on the makers of our devices to take care of our safety, but they fall short.

If you don’t already have the following security software on your computer, you need to download it right now.

A good VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) has become the most crucial piece of software to have on all your devices. A VPN routes your connection through an external server, hiding your location and encrypting your data. Without it, you are incredibly vulnerable to identity theft.

If you want to know what to look for in a VPN, check out this ExpressVPN review. It is considered one of the best, and its characteristics and features should be mirrored in any VPN you ultimately choose.

VPNs are affordable, at around $10 per month. The best option is to buy a year or even two year subscription, as this works out much cheaper and you’ll be using it indefinitely anyway. There are extra benefits to using a VPN, such as blocking government surveillance, getting past censorship, and unblocking geo-restricted content.

Antivirus software

Many people think that antivirus software stopped being relevant a decade ago. However, the unfortunate truth is that it is as relevant as ever. New viruses are being developed daily, and antivirus software keeps track of them, constantly shielding you. While good operating systems come with their own antivirus software built in, they don’t have the same features as third party options.

These features not only prevent viruses from manifesting on your devices, but they keep you from making bad decisions as well. We’re all vulnerable to phishing scams and malware, whether we like to admit it or not, and we need to be prepared for the eventuality that we might make some stupid mistakes.

Password managers

Passwords are the most basic barrier to hackers and thieves getting into our accounts, but most of us don’t treat them that way. We are exceptionally lazy with password creation, and many people still use the same passwords they have been using for decades. This means that if one website leaks your password, all of your accounts are compromised.

Furthermore, typical passwordrules don’t help. But trying to create and remember complex, secure passwords for all your accounts is impossible. Rather get a password manager to do it. Some browsers do it for you. These days, Safari will automatically recommend an extremely strong password that you’ll never have to even think about trying to remember.

As long as your basic email account has a strong password you know you will remember, all other accounts can have unknowable passwords and you can rely on the “forgotten password” link in case you have no access to your regular devices.

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