Offshore company formation
With the globalization of modern day economy, you might be wondering why a company still needs to be confined with a country’s borders. Tech consultants, freelance writers, and graphics designers normally have clients spread across the world. It is for the same reason larger business are now looking for jurisdictions offering the most favorable conditions for their business survival.

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What’s an offshore company?
This is a corporation, LLC or similar entity incorporated in a foreign jurisdiction to that of the principals of the organization or one that’s only mandated to operate outside the country of incorporation. Put simply, an offshore company is one that has been incorporated outside the country of residence of its principals, who may be partners, members, directors, officers, or shareholders. From the standpoint of country of formation, this is a company incorporated with the purpose of operating outside the country of formation.

Some countries have realized the competitiveness of the international trade and have begun offering convenient polices for investors and entrepreneurs to take the leap of setting up an oversees company in their jurisdiction. For instance, Estonia offers entrepreneurs an attractive way of setting up a bank account and incorporate a company within the European union via its e-Residency program. Dubai, Paraguay, Latvia, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein despite not offering digital residency, they have in store for you unique incentives and capital protection for companies that move their operations offshore.

Offshore company formation
Offshore company formation is an intricate process that requires a helping hand. You need a partner who will offer you business consultancy services, offshore company formation, and asset protection.

GWS Group is a leading offshore service provider with offices in Latvia, Paraguay, Dubai, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Their range of services include offshore company formation, asset protection and business consultancy. GWS Group helps its clients acquire ready-made companies or set up new ones, with full financial management in jurisdictions like Liechtenstein, Britain, Dubai, Hong Kong, Panama to mention a few.

Benefits of an offshore company
Ease of doing business – some countries cut through all the bureaucracies to make business operation easier for everyone. GWS provides its clients complete support with regards to legal consultation, tax advisory services, and technical consultation, therefore making the entire process of offshore company formation seamless and without bottlenecks.

Tax efficiency – offshore companies have a particular benefit of tax efficiency. Competitive countries offer simpler tax regulations, rebates for innovative business, and comparatively lower corporate tax rates. GWS in collaboration with top tax advisors, corporate attorneys, legal consultants, and banks help their clients get through the maze of fulfilling tax obligations and taking advantage of tax benefits offered in the jurisdiction of incorporation.

Privacy – Operating an offshore company comes with the benefit of full anonymity and privacy. GWS Group makes this possible by offering its clients full nominee services.

Operating an overseas company comes with a lot of benefits, but offshore company formation can be a bit challenging. You need a good business advisor who will take the burden of organizing offshore company formation and guide you on what to do.

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