An article published by the University of Cambridge in 2005 talked of how AI systems were going to change how we trade in the future. This has actually turned out to be true as we have seen tremendous increase in the tools and systems used to analyze trades. The money exchanged in the Forex market is worth trillions of dollars and it was just a matter of time before AI systems were introduced. Over the years, programmers have sprung up to help create these AI systems and sell them to potential investors. They have had to deal with lack of funding and they still do but with traders becoming increasingly aware of the potential of Forex robots in trading, many are getting funds to develop their AI systems. Some of these robots are said to be able to generate millions of dollars and despite the fact that there are many scammers out there, some actually do.

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AI systems have been able to dominate the Forex market mainly due to the following reasons.

Humans are Affected by Their Emotions

Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader we are sure that at one point of your trading journey you have let emotions cloud your judgment. Although we are not supposed to use our emotions in trading, we are all humans and so being emotionless is not in our nature. Some of us get out of trades early for fear or panic that the price will go against us while others stay in a trade too long because of greed only for the market to revert back and turn their profits into losses. Artificial intelligence systems are immune to such emotions.

Forex robots are developed to base their decisions on a given set of data which helps them predict the future. So this means that when all their calculations are in line with the analyzed data, they will execute the trade immediately. They do not delay to see if the market changes its mind and then end up missing out on potential trading opportunities. Moreover, they do not alter trades due to fear, panic or greed as you may do when monitoring your trades.

AI Systems Do Not Sleep

The fact that Forex robots operate 24 hours a day has also been a major reason for their current dominance in the Forex market. Let’s face it, it is almost impossible for a human being to operate 24 hours a day without rest and if he/she does, then he may not be at full capacity to make good trades throughout that period. AI systems are always at full capacity. They not only place trades for you but also exit automatically when required. This has allowed traders to sleep more and also spend more time with friends and family.

Artificial Intelligence Systems Undergo a Thorough Back Test Before Being Released

It takes time for a human to backtest his/her own strategy. You have to spend quite a lot of time analyzing the behavior of the charts and then incorporating your strategy to see if it works. That is why most people end up trading with a half-tested strategy that in the long run yields more losses than profits. AI systems used in trading are usually well tested and optimized to identify only the best trading opportunities. Their ability to analyze huge amounts of data also gives them an edge over human developed strategies. The human brain is powerful but some of the computation needed may just be too much. AI algorithms are able to do things simultaneously that would otherwise take a trader hours of screen time to do.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Help Reduce Market Volatility

Market volatility is usually caused by panic and it leads to dramatic changes in price. Although it is a good phenomenon for some, it can be very catastrophic to other traders in the market. AIs do not panic and hence the more the people use them, the less volatile the market will be and hence can help ensure smooth trading.

From the above reasons you can be able to tell just how effective artificial intelligence systems can be in Forex trading. That is why it has heavily revolutionized the Forex trading industry. A number of expert advisors and Forex robots are being developed daily as well as new technical indicators and tools. Their current impact is huge and we expect it to increase in the future. You should also know that artificial intelligence is on the rise in many other industries and people who trade on the artificial intelligence stocks are yielding the benefits of their patience.

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