Today, for investors on the lookout for the next big thing, the tech sector is usually a good bet—a place where innovation and the potential for huge profits go hand-in-hand. However, all this technology didn’t just appear out of thin air, and the innovative materials and components that have made it all possible are often overlooked by investors. The silicon chip, for instance, revolutionized the world as we know it, and anyone savvy enough to buy related stocks early has made a killing.

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But what does the future hold? Well, we can be sure that new technology will require new materials, and those new materials are likely already in existence, they’re just waiting for the right application. Here then, we look at five future materials that may well be at the forefront of the next technological revolution and that might be worth a little more scrutiny.


Graphene has been hailed as a wonder material for a while now, and the abundance of surprising properties have seen its potential applications sky rocket. Arguably, however, the industry is still in its infancy, and it is still a relatively risky endeavor for investors. Additionally, with the potential to spur innovation and advances in a variety of industries, there is no real stand-out application for investors to really get excited about. However, Applied Graphene Materials (LSE:AGM) and Elcora Advanced Materials (TSXV:ERA) are just two stocks that may be worth looking into.


The world has finally caught onto the problem with plastics, and as sustainability issues become increasingly important to consumers, the industry is beginning to look into alternative materials that are more environmentally friendly. Bioplastics are touted as a sustainable alternative to a variety of materials currently in use, and the market for these materials is likely to grow significantly over the next 10 years. Companies such as Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW), who already generate large profits from their plastics division, look set to lead a bioplastic revolution over the coming decade.

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Metal Foam


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Metal foam is a rather strange material that is extremely strong, yet in some cases, can float on water. It has a variety of applications in automotive engineering and the construction industry, as well as in aerospace. The market looks set to expand significantly over the nexty decade, with estimates reaching $117.7 million by 2025. Currently, there are many private companies operating within the industry, however, there will certainly be opportunities for investors in the near future.


There’s been a lot of talk about cannabis stocks over the past few months, particularly with Canada’s recent legalization of the drug for recreational use. However, whilst the recreational industry is likely to be a big hit with investors and consumers alike, it might also be worth looking at a few other applications of this versatile plant. Hemp has long been used for rope and fabrics, however, it has now also found itself an application in construction. Hempcrete is a cheap, sustainable, and extremely durable alternative to concrete and it looks set to disrupt an entire industry.

There are of course, countless new materials being discovered or manufactured every day, however, these five certainly seem to have a bright future. If you are looking to invest in materials, or any other markets for that matter, then this order management trading system is a great way to get more from your trades. Discover the world of future materials and find your next big investment.




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