Online payments had a monumental impact on our modern life by changing the process of shopping, simplifying daily activities, and giving a serious boost to various freelancing activities worldwide. On the other hand, given that these services are no more entirely operated within the infrastructure of financial institutions with corresponding security norms in place, but are rather delegated to a great extent to the Internet user, lots of opportunities arise for hackers to exploit this niche. Lots of vulnerabilities can be exploited, such as:

  • lost passwords or easy to crack passwords,
  • leakage of personal information,
  • phishing activities,
  • malicious programs,
  • insecure Internet connection on any specific device involved, starting with a PC or mobile phone and ending with the Wi-Fi router.

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It is understandable that one of the key aspects VPN users are most eager to secure are online transactions. The vast resource bestvpnrating describes a list of VPNs well suited for an US user with a description of the advantages each of these services has. A user interested exclusively in securing financial information or financial transactions would likely be interested in choosing the VPN with most complex encryption protocols, regardless of the Internet speed.

The Importance of VPN for Businesses

Businesses are undoubtedly more tempting targets for hackers, given their financial power and abundance of important or sensitive information (e.g. customer or payment information database, etc.). Given this, they can easily become targets of ransomware or phishing attempts. One aspect characteristic for many companies is that they use networks with at least a few nodes, making the entire network as weak as its most vulnerable node. Check this site which provides an overview of the best practices to ensure cyber security protocols are effectively implemented and followed in a given company in order to minimize the vulnerability of each individual node.

Potential Issues

Still, it is important to mention that logging into certain websites specialized in online payments or money transactions from a VPN network may result in your account getting blocked.  Such cases have been reported with PayPal and other services. If this is the issue, it is normally possible to temporarily turn off your VPN service while performing these tasks but one should research the Internet for an answer or ask the company/ bank itself for clarifications, but also to look at whether the VPN provider has something to say.

Choosing an Appropriate VPN Provider

If you need to choose the software, covers in detail the issue of choosing an appropriate VPN for a given device, operating system, application, country and offers a fairly comprehensive description of some of the most highly appreciated VPN services on the market. It is a good starting point for both individuals and companies who want to secure their online activity, including online financial transactions. There are dedicated pages here for best VPNs to choose for e-currency (including Bitcoin) or for bank transfers.

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