Smart is trendy: smart phones, smart tv’s, smart cars, smart homes…everything we do and use is “smart.” But what about investing? How can we make our money work smarter not harder?

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Although many aspects of the financial industry are notorious for being tedious, slow to evolve, and resistant to change (just like Cathy, your local middle-aged bank teller) the fintech revolution is accelerating the field like never before. While giant top tier corporations, like big banks, are struggling to keep up, smaller innovative startups have become the trailblazers.

The problem with these smaller companies is that, well, they’re small. Often going through marketing and scaling growing pains, it can be hard to gain access to their benefits as an average consumer.

Thankfully, that’s what I’m here for. Let me tell you about 4 cutting edge services that offer awesome, innovative platforms for becoming a smarter investor.

Sanebull, is the future of business news. Young professionals are flocking to this digital news platform in order to stay up to date on current events and worldwide business happenings. Formatted as a daily newsletter sent to your email, each briefing starts with a stock market snapshot, and then continues on in easily distinguishable sections covering everything “from Wall St. to Silicon Valley.”

After a friend recommended the source, I signed up for the Sanebull’s daily newsletter and found myself actually reading it when it hit my inbox every morning. It’s short and sweet yet packs a punch of information, easy to read yet intelligible and full of quirky humor, and best of all, they don’t fill up your inbox with irritating ad emails.

Register for the newsletter here to join stay informed and up to date the smart way.


Ever been scared away by a pricey stock? Everyone wants to get in on Amazon but their share price of over $1500 drives away a lot of investors. Well, thanks to the good people at Stockpile that doesn’t have to be an issue anymore. By pushing fractional share investing, Stockpile allows you to invest per dollar rather than per share. It’s the perfect app for young investors just getting started on their path to riches.

Stockpile also combines the idea of e-gift cards and investing by allowing anyone to  gift stock by the dollar. That’s right, tell your grandparents they don’t have to buy paper treasury bonds for you this Christmas and can send you $50 worth of stock in your favorite company instead.

These two innovative features, combined with an inexpensive 99 cents per trade and their uber simple, convenient website, make for a great way to start investing. Start here today!


Robinhood has made a name for itself by being the most agreeable stock broker on the market: no manual account management, no brick and mortar locations, and most importantly no commissions. Robinhood breaks down the typical investing barriers to entry by bringing a simple, beautiful user interface to your fingertips, free of charge. Through either their app or website, each user can build their own stock portfolio and watch their money grow. They are also launching an integrated 24/7 platform for trading cryptocurrency so that you can keep all your investments in one place. So whether you’re young or old, novice or experienced, come one come all and invest the way you want for free with Robinhood.


Acorns’ selling point is investing your spare change by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar and investing the difference. Say you spend $32.27 on a tank of gas, with the Acorns app the purchase will be rounded up to $33.00 and the 73 cent difference will be invested in your customized portfolio. By linking your debit or credit cards, every purchase will be an investment in your future. Trust me, it’s amazing how fast the change adds up.

The app based platform is extremely easy to use and they have several different investment preferences forming a custom profile to match investing style. To supplement their signature round ups, you can also build a recurring investment schedule and make one-time investments at any point. Don’t let investing be a hassle, start building your portfolio the smart way by downloading the Acorns app!

Now that’s what I call a 4 for 4. Keep the money growing using and keep your eyes on our blog for more fresh content coming soon!


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