JD.com is kind of a big deal in China… ranking as the country’s second-largest online retailer. Google (GOOGL) will promote JD.com’s (JD) products on its Google Shopping platform. JD.com will also gain much needed exposure across Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe.

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Everybody is good for somethin’… I think? I’ll let you ponder that one – but that statement at least holds true for Google and JD.com. Google is great with technology and JD.com can manage the supply chain for products. A beneficial partnership for both that provides each company with exciting new opportunities.

Standing up to the bullies… of e-commerce. The bullies being Amazon (AMZN) and Alibaba (BABA), of course. This partnership will give the pair a fighting chance to give us, the consumers, a shopping experience like none other. Upon announcement, JD.com was up 7.59% in the pre-market.

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