Move over Netflix… it may be time to “Apple and chill?” Apple is gearing up to compete against the likes of Amazon and Netflix, for our attention, with their own original content. Oprah Winfrey and Apple will be working together to captivate audiences around the world as part of the new original content from Apple.

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So long, productivity… over the past year, Apple has teamed up with the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Steven Spielberg, Octavia Spencer and Kevin Durant, to produce more than a dozen original shows. This is exciting, but there is already a plethora of original content out there. What are we to do other than binge-watch a few (or more) shows to see if Apple can live up to the hype?

The takeaway… there is no doubt that Apple has done many things right over the years – but what do they know about making television? Not a whole lot, but that is where Oprah (and others) fit in. The company hopes to keep customers captivated in their world with phones, television, apps, and now, original content. An interesting step into new territory for the tech giant. Check it out

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