Do you have some money that you want to invest in a portfolio that will not just help you gain profits but also help make the world better? Well, that may just sound cheesy and all, but it’s something that every responsible investor should think about.

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Billionaire Jack Ma has said it very well, “I believe when you have a million dollars, that’s your money. But when you have $20 million, you’ll start to have a problem. And if you have $1 billion, that’s no longer your money, that’s the trust that society gave you. They believe that you could better manage the money than the government or others.”

Everyone has a social responsibility over the money he or she makes or accumulates. You are also encouraged to earn and invest more so you can indirectly help other people. If you want to help build a much better society, then we have here the seven smartest places where you can invest your money to ensure that it will grow well and build a better world.

1. Stock Market

The stock market is the center of business trading. When you put your money in reputable companies, they’ll take good care of your money and make it grow by supporting their business.  Businesses earn by selling products or offering services.

So if you really like what the company is offering, especially in terms of its social role and relevance, then you might want to put your money in them and help them achieve their goals.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that you should consider when investing in the stock market. The company’s stability and leadership play very important roles, too.

2. Bonds

Bonds are like investor loans that earn variable or fixed interest rate over a defined period of time. Bonds are commonly used by government entities and companies to raise the money that they need to finance a certain project, which let’s say, building and infrastructure.

The bond owners are referred to as the creditors of the company or the government. Buying bonds is one way of making sure that your money works for the good of the society because it is most likely used for development purposes.

3. Money market

In the money market, financial instruments with short maturity and high liquidity are traded. They usually come in the form of certificates of deposit, treasury bills, federal funds, municipal notes, and repurchase agreements.

Here, financial institutions and companies lend and borrow large amounts in order to facilitate their business. While transactions in the money market are generally wholesale, one can participate through money market funds.

4. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are commonly referred to as the most basic investment vehicle. It is made up of a pool of money collected from different investors. The money collected, in turn, is invested in securities like stocks and bonds, the money market, and other assets.

Here, professional money managers handle your funds. They will be the ones mostly responsible to produce capital gains profits, or income on your behalf.

5. Index Funds

Index funds are much like mutual funds although they are constructed to match the market index. It is actually considered as ideal core portfolio for retirement accounts, and it is highly recommended by billionaire investor Warren Buffet. Average index funds tend to perform very well over time, which is why they are very ideal for long-term investments.

6. ETFs

ETF means exchange-traded fund, and it is a marketable security that tracks a commodity, bond, or index. It trades much like stocks and has prices changes throughout the day, too. ETFs allow one to own an underlying asset, such as gold bars, bonds, stocks, oil futures, foreign currency, and others. Thru ETFs, shareholders can indirectly own these assets.

7. Robo Investments

The rise of robo investing has dawned in the past decade. It is a type of automated financial planning where some software is used to understand your financial situation and goals. The information gathered will be used to have your assets automatically invested in different entities so as to gain substantial earnings out of it. Don’t worry because these so-called robots use artificial intelligence to help them come up with the best investing strategies for you. Their services are much lower than the traditional way of doing it, and companies offering these services are willing to take in relatively low initial investments. They can put your money in stocks, mutual fund, ETFs, and other places where they’re most likely to grow.

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The money that you put in these seven types of investments will be held and used by top companies or government entities to pursue certain projects that will produce profit and create a better community. If you put your money on any of these places, you are actually helping in making the world safe for profit. In essence, you’ll be earning while also helping the society in building better communities.

What are some ways that you can think of to foster economic growth and help make the future better for everyone? Leave a comment with your thoughts in the section below

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