CryptoLife with Levi: Trade to the Top

By Levi Rasmussen

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As we slideeeeee into the last week of our March Cryptocurrency Competition, the market seems to be testing the faith of crypto-believers. Tensions are high as many coins are testing long-time lows, but every competition needs a shake up before the finish line, right?

Great. Glad you agree!


Although it would undoubtedly be easier if we could coast our way out of this last week, reveling in the virtual baths of cash I am sure we’ve all acquired, we wouldn’t REALLY be able to call ourselves the crypto champions that strive to be known as.

We’d just be lucky.

And that’s what a LOT of people in this market are: lucky. Many would go as far as to say any success in the crypto market due to luck, and maybe they’re right. But, today let’s talk about some people who blur the line between luck and know-how by diving into the stories of some of today’s top crypto traders.

Ready? Good.

Top Dogs

Whether traders, analysts, supporters, haters, or some twisted mix, a few crypto voices have risen to the top. These personalities have gained sizeable internet followings and have used social media and other online forums to broadcast their opinions/expertise out to the world.

Some, like Crypto Cobain (@cryptocobain) and Whale Panda (@whalepanda) are comedic internet figureheads that love to bicker and stir up trouble just as much as they love cryptocurrency. Many times, people like these are relatively new to financial trading but are uber-passionate about cryptocurrency.

If you’re taking advice, consider balancing out the new age traders with people like Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt), Tone Vays (@tonevays), or Willy Woo (@woobull) who have backgrounds in finance. Although they stick to the technical side of things, and may not provide as much entertainment, they’re depth of financial knowledge is invaluable

Although it’s important to look to other people for advice in this sphere, don’t be too easily swayed. Many supposed crypto experts exist on the internet, and usually it’s the legit ones that will be the first to tell you not to treat their guidance as law. Be careful, but that being said, all of the aforementioned people have gained notoriety for their opinions and insight. Feel free to check out more about them!

Celebrity Status

But what about the ever popular narrative of the teenage bitcoin millionaire, the overnight rags to riches blockchain conqueror, or the crypto Great Gatsby? This new evolution of the get-rich-quick mindset saturates clickbait ads ALL OVER the internet. While these links won’t actually “teach you the trick to becoming a crypto magnate,” most rumours are based in some truth.

Mr. Smith, as he’s known to the world, is an actual bitcoin millionaire who lives an extravagant lifestyle supported by his crypto earnings. As Jordan Bishop writes, “He only flies first class, stays exclusively in 5-star suites, hasn’t cooked since Thanksgiving.” He averages a new city every five days! Check out more of his story here.

While some crypto celebrities are off gallivanting the globe, some are reinvesting back into the market. Kingsley Advani turned $34,000 into seven figures at the age of 24, and now advises blockchain startups for free. He shares some of his story and his opinions on success in this article.

Wrap Up

Whether this article was the inspiration you need or the burst to your bubble, I wish you luck in the last week of competition. Stay strong, stay smart, keep climbing to the top.


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