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ACoin is specifically designed to be scare, the supply is hard-capped at 1,600,000. You can head over to their website and download special mining software to earn yourself some Acoin.


Argentum is trying to make the validation of blocks on the blockchain easier and faster than Bitcoin. The currency has a limit of 64 million and will then increase 1.1% every year, the same as the annual human population growth rate.


AriCoin currently has a market cap of $1.2 million USD, or about 87 Bitcoins.


BetaCoin is focused on ease of use. The cryptocurrency allows for fee-free instant international financial transactions.


The king of them all, Bitcoin currently has a whopping $230 billion market cap and is showing no signs of stopping its rapid ascent.


BlueCoin derives its name from bluetooth. The cryptocoin utilizes bluetooth technology to enable transactions even when BlueCoin holders don’t have internet access.


CannabisCoin was created specifically for the Cannabis community. Users can exchange CannabisCoins for cannabis from participating dispensaries.


Cashcoin is all about speed. Each block takes only 1 minute to validate and add the to the blockchain ledger.




CatCoin was launched on December 24, 2013 and has a hard-capped supply of 21 million coins. 50 coins are mined every 10 minutes and added to the total BitCoin circulation.


CryptCoin’s market cap is around $2.75 million, with 6 million CryptCoins in circulation.


DevCoin was a decentralized currency created to support programmers, artists, and musicians. Besides mining, programmers and other creatives can earn DevCoins by completing their jobs.


With a market cap of $8 billion, DigitalCash offers consumers a way to make fast and secure transactions anywhere on the globe. A DigitalCash Coin currently sells for around $1,020.



You may be surprised to hear that this cryptocurrency has a market cap of over $1 billion. Dogecoin, whose mascot is the Shiba Inu breed of dog, tauts its fun loving community as one of its unique assets.

Ethereum Classic

Not to be mistaken with Ethereum, Ethereum Classic is an untampered history of the original Ethereum blockchain. When a massive hack caused people to lose many of their Ether, some of the community voted to “reverse” the hack in the blockchain and created Ethereum. Those who wanted to preserve the “untamperable” nature of blockchain left the hack in the blockchain history and created Ethereum Classic.


This $13 billion dollar coin features faster transaction times than Bitcoin. It has substantial trade volume and liquidity, making is a viable competitor to Bitcoin for transactions.



Monero is another rapidly rising cryptocurrency, with a market cap just over $6 billion. It offers different methods of encryption and has other subtle technical nuances that have contributed to its explosive growth.


QuarkCoin is a cryptocurrency with no pre-mined tokens and with block validation every 30 seconds.


For a time, Ripple was the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, briefly overtaking Ethereum in an extraordinary boom. Now, Ripple has settled into being the third largest cryptocurrency, but many have pointed to its relationship with major banks as a factor that sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies.


SpreadCoin claims to be more decentralized than Bitcoin. It tries to prevent the formation of mining pools, which is when huge masses of computational power fall into the hands of a single group and allow them to control huge chunks of a cryptocurrencies’ mining.



The initial supply of Zetacoin is set to 160 million, with an annual increase of 1 million coins thereafter.

Once you buy these coins and are looking for a way to keep them safe, check out our guide on the best ways to secure your cryptoassets.

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