You should never have to pay a bank fee.

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It can be tough to navigate the treacherous waters of bank fees. It seems like if your account balance falls below a certain amount for even half a second then you can get hit with a fee. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There is another way.

The trends affecting the banking industry –and the world in general – which involve moving businesses online and limiting actual physical retail space mean that there are now banks that offer checking accounts at absolutely no cost.

We came up with a list of three no-fee checking accounts that you need to know about. They include:

Capital One 360

This checking account from Capital One is undoubtedly one of the best you can find on the market.

There are some really great perks that come with the account apart from the fact that you can earn interest with no fees and minimums. Other freebies include:

  • Free Debit MasterCard
  • 24/7 Online and Mobile Banking
  • $50 Opening Bonus
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • No ATM fees

In addition to these, the account offers overdraft options. What this means is that you can spend more than what you have in your account. You can also pay bills, deposit checks and send cash from home, at the store and on-the-go. And yes, you have access to over 39000+ free ATMs nationwide.

One last thing. As of very recently, the no-fee online checking account from Capital One has one of the best interest rates in this space. They used to have a tiered system which meant that lower balances would earn substantially less than if you had, say, $100,000 sitting in one of these accounts, but that is no longer the case.

As of October 18, 2017, all balances earn 0.75%. If you have $5000 deposited in this account, you can expect to earn just $37.50 annually.

Open a Capital One 360 checking account today.


Ally Bank has one of the most competitive and immensely popular checking accounts. Just like the other top checking accounts, there are no minimum requirements to open an account.

The perks of owning a checking account with Ally include:

  • No minimum deposit and balance requirements
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No ATM fees
  • Mobile and Online Banking
  • Free Debit card from MasterCard.
  • EMV chip technology
  • Send money with Popmoney, a service that makes it a breeze to send money to anyone in the US using just an email address or phone number.
  • Top-notch 24/7 Customer Care
  • Deposit checks remotely with Ally eCheck Deposit

There is one downside. Ally still uses a tiered system for interest rates. A $5000 balance only earns 0.1% APY, or $5. The good news is that the more money you can put in the checking account, the more you can make. Accounts above $15000 have a more attractive APY of 0.60%, and would earn $90 every year.

Open an Ally no-fee online checking account today.

Bank5 Connect

Bank5 offers one of the most attractive high-interest checking accounts along with ATM fee reimbursement ($5000 minimum balance required to enjoy this feature). In the world of banking, ATM fee reimbursements are kind of like unicorns.

The online bank offers an uncommon 0.76% annual interest rate, and all you have to do is have a balance of minimum $100.  Other wonderful features include:

  • No monthly fee
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • No ATM fees
  • Account Overdraft
  • Free incoming wire transactions
  • Free first order of checks
  • Access to 7000+ ATMs nationwide.

Open a Bank5 Connect no-fee online checking account today.

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