Do you shop online?

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If the answer to that is yes, which, let’s face it, it’s definitely a yes, then you should be using Ebates. At this point you are probably wondering, what the heck is Ebates?

Like the name suggests, it is an online rebate system, offering members cashback whenever they make purchases at brands like Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Hollister, Barneys New York, and many more. The company focuses on online shopping and has been around in some form since 1999. It was founded by two attorneys, both of whom specialized in prosecuting online fraud. Since inception, they’ve given out more than $50 million in cashback to their members.

Imagine going about your business on Amazon, you’ve placed a brand-new Kindle in your cart. Once you’ve completed your purchase you receive a handy cashback courtesy of Ebates. Pretty slick.

Not only that, but for a short time, Ebates will give new members $10 back when they make purchases of at least $25 within three months of becoming a member.  It’s not simply a cashback system either. Ebates allows members to use coupons, promo codes and discounts to further maximize savings.

This is a scam, yes?


Alright, so it’s easy to think that an online rebate website is preying on would-be suckers. How do they make money if they are continuously giving money out to people? Do they just plaster their websites with annoying ads and popups?

Again, no. You’re right to be wary, especially when it comes to paid survey sites or any website offering rewards to members. Take a second to look through the site and you will see that it is clean, user-friendly, and transparent. Not only that but the company is accredited through the Better Business Bureau and holds the highest rating, an A+.



The way Ebates makes money is through affiliate referrals. You know how your favorite podcasts will sometimes ask you to shop using their Amazon affiliate link? It’s the same idea, just on steroids.

Using Ebates effectively

The beautiful thing about using Ebates is that it is 100% passive income. Unlike paid survey sites, you don’t have to go out of your way, or actually do any work, to earn income. You simply go about your business as usual and everytime you purchase something online, you receive cash back.

Take a look at the cashback percentages you can earn at major brands and websites.

  • Amazon – 3%
  • Walmart – 1%
  • Ebay – 5%
  • Groupon – 3%
  • Macys – 6%
  • Sephora – 4%
  • Kohl’s – 3%

It works very similarly to how cashback does on a major credit card. In fact, if you pair Ebates with a cashback credit card, you can double-dip.  Cashback cards typically offer between 1% and 6% in rewards, and one of the best cashback credit cards is the Chase Freedom card, boasting a 5% cashback on certain categories. Combine the cashback on Ebates with cashback on a good credit card and you get as much as 12% back in some cases.

Finally, don’t forget about the coupons. Stacking coupons on top of your purchases will only increase your savings so make sure to use all that Ebates has to offer. It’s dead simple too. While some cashback sites issue the money you earned as “points”, Ebates gives you cold, hard cash with no strings attached.

Sign up for free and get a $10 bonus in the form of an gift card or cash bonus when you join today.


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