Many brokerages offer their services online, so you can trade directly from your computer without any hassle. Here are a few online brokerages you can use to kick off your stock-trading career:

eToro is an excellent trading platform for new investors. Considered the “social trading platform”, eToro really simplifies the stock trading process, and allows you to follow and copy expert investors.
TD Ameritrade is one of the most popular online brokerages out there. They offer a variety of trading services and research tools. The typical fee for a stock purchase is $9.99 per trade, and the minimum account deposit is $2,500.

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OptionsHouse is a discount brokerage, offering much lower commission fees. Stocks will run you a fee of $3.95 per trade. The minimum account balance is also lower, at $1000. However, you’ll get less research and analytics on this platform.
tradeMONSTER finds itself in the middle of the first two, in terms of fees and services. Trade Monster charges a fee of $7.50, and the minimum account balance is $2,000.

You can use to compare prices and services of more online brokerages to find the perfect one for you!