When it comes to investing your money, it’s time to think outside of North America.

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The long-term return outlook for US equities does not look good for the next ten years. When markets are expensive as they are today, they tend to produce below-average returns. Instead, it may be time to look outward.

There are many countries in Africa and Asia that are seeing serious economic growth and will create a sound investment for your portfolio. Below, you’ll find a list of eightpromising countries that are experience a serious economic boom.



With an aggregate growth rate of 8.9% in 2017, Ethiopia is shaping up to be the fastest growing country in Africa. Although it is in one of the world’s least developed countries, there are key industries that have started to thrive such as the service and construction industries. Economists are predicting that Ethiopia will reach middle-income status by 2025 and should overtake Kenya as East Africa’s largest economy in 2017.



South Asia’s hidden gem, Bhutan, will see an estimated growth rate of 9.9% in 2017 making it a very promising country to invest in. Its growth rates are expected to skyrocket in the coming years due to a surge in agriculture and forestry. A new power plant is currently under construction in Dagan leading to a boost in Bhutan’s hydro-power capacity. Bet big on these industries.



The expected growth rate for Ghana in 2017 is a whopping 7.5, a major uptick from the 3.6 percent growth rate of 2016. These numbers show that Ghana is shaping up to become one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s main economic players. As long the political climate remains secure, the country’s gold and cocoa reserves will continue to see profit. Furthermore, recent discoveries of oil will allow for additional economic growth.

Côte d’Ivoire


Côte d’Ivoire is poised to enter the economic playing field in Sub-Saharan Africa since the country’s civil war came to an end. With an aggregate growth rate of 8.0% they should see emerging market status within a few years. The government is now putting the money received from exports such as coffee, palm oil and cocoa into education and infrastructure development.



With an investment in the power sector, Laos is expected to grow its economy by 7% this year. Moreover, by 2020, the country’s power network is positioned to provide electricity to 10% of households and is looking to export electricity as well.

The Philippines


Investment in public infrastructure is the pillar on which economic growth in the Philippines rests on. The goal is to invest more than 5% of the country’s GDP in infrastructure. An influx of capital from China and Japan should help realize that goal, plus, existing fiscal drives such as consumer spending and call centres will add to the ever-expanding economy of one of East Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. The total projected growth for 2017 is 6.9%.



The garment factories that used to make their homes in Vietnam are swiftly making their way over to Cambodia. With a surge in the garment industry, Cambodia is looking at a growth rate of 6.9% for 2017 alone. The garment exports which held steady $6 billion in 2015 is going to be even more profitable in the years to come.



Free of military dictatorship, Myanmar is looking at a 2017 economic growth rate of 6.9%. With an abundance of natural resources ripe for the cultivating and a young workforce, the country has attracted foreign investors who are putting their money in the energy, garment industry and the food and beverage sector.

Investing in developing countries is a great way to make money and diversify your portfolio.


Not all countries have the same economic rules and regulations when it comes to foreign investors. Make sure your investment will be sound and of course, rewarding.



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