The next sponsored league is right around the corner, this time featuring fantastic prizes from Wall Street Oasis. At Wall Street Survivor, we’re all about encouraging the best investment practices, and there is no better way to improve your investing than by practicing. Whether you are looking to improve investing for your personal portfolio, or because you one day hope to obtain a career in finance, virtual stock competitions provide an excellent platform for practice.

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Wall Street Oasis specializes in career training for the finance world. In fields such as investment banking, private equity, hedge funds or consulting, Wall Street Oasis has you covered. Their community forums allow you to browse, research and find your passion in the investing world. They will then prepare you for recruiting as well as teach you how to master your career.

Are you already in the field and getting ready for an interview?  Prepare for the toughest investment banking interview questions, hedge fund interview questions, private equity interview questions and consulting case interviews in the world with our sponsor, Wall Street Oasis.

What Are the Prizes?

First Place prize: Investment Banking Prep Pack, Private Equity Prep Pack and Hedge Fund Prep Pack ($800 value)

Second Place  Prize: Investment Banking Pre Pack ($200 value)

Third – Tenth Place Prize: Wall Street Oasis T-Shirt

How Can I Participate in the Competition?

Step 1: Create a free account

Visit and click Sign Up For Free to create an account.

Step 2: Join the Wall Street Oasis league

Simply click here to join the “Wall Street Oasis” league.


Step 3: Build and manage your portfolio

From the main menu, select Portfolio and Add stocks to your portfolio. Complete Courses and use the investing ideas feature to learn about the market and how to build and manage your portfolio.

Good luck!

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