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You are the company you keep.

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If you’re someone who is struggling with their finances, starting to learn about budgets or just want to take charge of your investments then maybe you need to spend more time with people who know how it’s done. Enter the Financial Guru.

These personal finance pros know what they’re talking about when it comes to the green stuff in your wallet. Thanks to Twitter, you can rub elbows with the best of the best, and soak up their knowledge without ever meeting them face to face.

That said, here are 10 financial gurus you should be following on twitter:

1) @DaveRamsey

Dave Ramsey is the bomb. Not only is he the host of a syndicated radio program (The Dave Ramsey Show), he also produces a kickass podcast where he advises Americans on all matters related to investing and saving.

Ramsey looks to help people with money matters because he once lost it all in the real estate market. He declared bankruptcy. Shaped by those events, he now teaches people how to “avoid debt at all costs”.

Not bad advice at all.

He’s particularly good at coaching people through the step-by-step process of reaching financial freedom. He recognizes that not everyone is ready to jump into investing and helps them realize that they need to get their financial house in order first.

He often mentions the tripod of financial stability: save lots of money, get debt-free and set up an emergency fund with at least 6 months worth of expenses. After you get that sorted, you can think about investing.

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2) @theRealKiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of a personal finance classic: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book is based on Kiyosaki’s childhood and tells the story of two fathers. One, highly educated but financially illiterate ( the poor dad, modeled after the author’s own father) and the other, the rich dad (modeled after the father of his childhood friend growing up).

Reading this book will change your life and your relationship with money. It will leave you with a profound understanding that if you want to have a rich life then you need to understand how to make money work for you, rather than frittering away your life working for money.

3) @SuzeOrmanShow

Author and television personality Suze Orman is well known in the personal finance space. She went from waitressing to being a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch to opening her own company, The Suze Orman Financial Group. Today she focuses on creating books and kits that help people learn more about investing and personal finance.

She has a ton of books out there, covering topics such as “The Laws of Money”, which include lessons on how to gain control over money and your life. Orman focuses a lot on the psychology of personal finance but also has a number of useful calculators on her website which can go a long way towards organizing your finances.

With a large library of books, cds and dvds on personal finance, all of which feature Suze flashing her winning smile, you can think of her as the Jane Fonda of personal finance.

4) @AuthorDavidBach

David Bach is an author famous for his series Finish Rich and the Automatic Millionaire. He’s probably sold over a bazillion books since he’s picked up the writer’s pen…..but who’s counting.

The author and speaker is kind of like the father of modern personal finance, and his books are the epitome of common-sense investing principles.

If the phrase “pay yourself first” sounds familiar it’s because David Bach made it a thing. In other words, before you do anything with your money you must set aside a certain amount for your own savings.

Do this, Bach says, and you’ll be set for retirement without having to worry about budgets and discipline.

5) @NealeGodfrey

Having started out at Chase Manhattan bank in 1972, Neale Godfrey was one of the first female bankers in the financial industry. For the last 30 years, Neale has been a huge part of the finance world, helping and advising the people worldwide. Some of us haven’t been alive for that long!

She is a prolific author on the subject of money and finance, but writes for a very specific niche – having written numerous books aimed at both parents and children, including “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children” and “Neale S. Godfrey’s Ultimate Kids’ Money Book”.

6) @MMarquit

Miranda Marquit is the force behind, a website that focuses less on the saving money aspect of personal finance and more on the creating wealth part.

Take a trip over to her portal of wisdom and you’ll find excellent tips on how to run a business, investing,and more.

Ever wanted to invest in stocks but didn’t know where to start? Miranda can help you with that.

Want to make some money on the side or start your own business? Miranda can help you with that.

Need help figuring out your finances, how to incorporate good personal finance habits, or which online broker is the best to invest with? Miranda can…ok you get the idea!

7) @BudgetsAreSexy

J-Money Budgets-Are-Sexy

Self-proclaimed personal-finance nerd ‘J Money’ let the world watch as he grew his savings from $50,000 to nearly $500,000 in the span of seven years. A former graphic designer, J Money detailed his journey on his blog Budgets Are Sexy – winning  FinCon Blog of the Year in 2012 along the way.

He ran up his net worth by saving like crazy, maxing out his 401(k) and IRA accounts, and also hustling like a madman. J Money worked 40 hours a week at his 9-5 and then another 30-40 hours on his own side gigs.

It all started simply because he wanted to know how to use a budget. That snowballed into him running and then selling numerous blogs. Today he’s the man behind Budgets Ar eSexy and Rockstar Finance.

Check out to learn from his experience!

8) @ramit

RamitSethi - Personal Finance Guru

Ramit Sethi is a personal finance guru for the modern era. He is the author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and while that sounds like it was written by the same people who bring you late-night infomercials, the book is chock-full of incredible financial advice.

Ramit is like Miranda Marquit in that he knows that the other financial gurus tend to focus solely on saving and scrimping without ever mentioning wealth creation. After all, restricting your expenses is just one part of the equation. You want your income to grow as well!

Sethi is all about going for big wins such as negotiating a raise at work that will compound in value over time, or calling up your credit card/phone/internet company(ies) to negotiate better rates that will save you hundreds of dollars over the year.

9) @jdroth

J.D. Roth is the mastermind behind Get Rich Slowly and Money Boss. The former is excellent when it comes to the nitty gritty of personal finance, answering questions as microscopic as “which savings account should I get?” or even “How do I start a Roth IRA?”

If that’s too pedestrian for your tastes J.D. has you covered at Money Boss, his site for advanced personal finance.

J.D. is an entrepreneurial guy, sharing his insights and trying to help as many people reach financial independence as possible.

10) @trenttsd + @thesimpledollar


Trent Hamm, no relation to Jon Hamm of AMC’s Mad Men, is the creator of the Simple Dollar.

Coming full circle, Trent Hamm started The Simple Dollar after experiencing a complete financial meltdown- kind of like Dave Ramsey. From humble beginnings the site is now one of the top resources for people to learn about the best finance products, making smart investments and creating wealth.

The Simple Dollar can show you to be more frugal in your day-to-day life, where the best credit card deals are to be had, and even what kind of side business you can start today to create more wealth.

What’s stopping you?

More Savings Resources

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  • Using Online Resources: Learn to use sites like to keep track of your spending and create realistic budgets.

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