Elon Musk is a man who defies characterization. He’s done more in the last ten years than most (all?) of us will do in our entire lives. This is a man who has taken it upon himself to change history, much like some of the greatest inventors and entrepreneurs of the past.

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The South African-born entrepreneur is the founder of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla, and the initial investor and board member of SolarCity. (Musk thought up the idea for the solar energy company and gave it to his cousins. Nice guy.) This trio of companies are all attempting – and succeeding – to bring the future into the present. Oh, and they were all founded after Musk helped create PayPal.

In between all of that, this busy genius has somehow carved out enough time to stay active on Twitter, where he keeps a steady stream of updates flowing out to hungry followers.

And so in honor of Elon Musk’s ambition and unique capacity to change the world, we are going to take a look at a timeline of the man’s most historical moments, brought to you exclusively by his very own tweets…

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June 2010: Musk’s first tweet. Historic.


May 2012: SpaceX successfully completes an historic mission. Their spacecraft, Dragon, becomes the first commercial vehicle to visit the International Space Station. Only 4 entities have done that before, and they are all national governments. After a series of failed launches this marks the beginning of a prosperous period for SpaceX, as this launch convinces NASA to hand the company $4 billion worth of contracts.


August 2012: Meanwhile, Tesla ramps up production of the all-electric Model S. This is phase 2 of Tesla’s plan to conquer the electric car market. The first phase was the Tesla Roadster, an expensive toy for the wealthy that would allow the car company to bring in revenue to continue research and development in their field. Phase 2 then brought in even more capital, culminating in phase 3: the mass market electric car.


December 2012: SolarCity goes public, 2 years after the IPO of Tesla. Musk helped found the company along with his cousins Peter and Lyndon Ryve. Today the company is America’s largest solar power provider.


August 2013: After much teasing, Elon Musk releases his sketch and concept of the Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation system that could take someone from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. Remember those old pneumatic tubes that people used to send mail through? That’s sort of what the Hyperloop is like; except instead of mail, think real live human beings being propelled through tubes in a subway car. Musk succeeds in creating a ton of buzz and even sets up a prize for the group that can complete his vision. Could a Hyperloop be coming sooner rather than later?


December 2013: Another feather in SpaceX’s metaphorical cap. They become the first private company to send a satellite into geosynchronous orbit. In 2015 they would break their own record by becoming the first private company to send a satellite beyond Earth orbit. Ooh la la!


September 2014: Elon Musk announces the coming of the Gigafactory. What it is: a giant battery factory. What it will do: allow Tesla to produce ‘sooper’ cheap batteries. If all goes well it will be giga-cheap you guys. The Gigafactory is the key to Tesla global domination, allowing the electric-car maker to simultaneously reduce the price of their automobiles while also increasing the amount of cars they can build. Win-win ya’ll!


February 2015: Tesla crushes the competition. Again. Not only is the Tesla Model S the second best-selling plug-in car in the world (watch your back Nissan Leaf!), it is one of just a handful of cars to have attained a 5-star safety rating from two of the most recognized ratings agencies. The Consumer Reports’ Ratings Magazine gave the Tesla Model S P85D a score of 103 points. Their ratings system doesn’t go past 100. Chew on that for a bit would ya?


May 2015: Musk shows off the Tesla Powerwall, a home battery that could charge using electricity generated from solar panels (read: have you bought your panels from SolarCity yet?). It stores the energy it takes in during the day and lets you use it at night, meaning you won’t have to worry about not having any juice. With the Powerwall, Musk shows the world how easy it is to go off the grid and run on sustainable energy.


April 2016: Yikes, we’re one step closer to the perfect re-usable rocket! The pressure is on after a couple of failed launches and Jeff Bezos’ snarky comments following his space company’s (Blue Origin) successful rocket landing, but not only does SpaceX manage to bring back a rocket after launching it but they do so in spectacular fashion, landing it on a barge in the middle of the freakin’ ocean!


April 2016: Musk unveils Tesla’s first mass-market electric car, the sleek and sexy Model 3. After much anticipation the orders come flying in. There are over 300,000 pre-orders already which amounts to more than $11 billion worth of electric automobile.

Private space companies, the ability to run your home off solar energy, and electric cars all in the span of a decade. The future is here and we have Musk to thank. How often is it that we see a person dominate in one field of their choosing, let alone three? Take a second to tweet @elonmusk to thank him for all the incredible work.




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