You can actually earn a ton of money online. No joke.

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The number of Americans who no longer hold a regular job is going up. To be clear, when we say regular we’re talking about the 9-5 grind where you rent your mind to an employer on a contractual basis.

Instead, more and more people are turning to the “gig economy” – where you’re employed to do a specific task or to work on something for a defined amount of time – essentially becoming a freelancer. And tons of these jobs are available online. These days, all you need is a computer and an internet connection to make money.

But…it’s so much more than that. There’s money to be made even if you don’t want to commit to the freelance life. The amount of money you can earn online ranges from the equivalent of just enough to grab yourself a burger and fries to that of a full-time job.

Here are 6 apps that you can use to make a little extra scratch on the side

1. Uber

Uber is making waves worldwide, and is the thorn in the paws of many a taxi company across the globe.

If you own a car, Uber can be a super convenient way to make some extra money. As a partner with the San Francisco startup, you could make between $20 and $25 an hour depending on the time you operate and how many people you pick up. Uber will take a cut but that’s the cost of doing business.

The upside is that it is extremely flexible. You work when you want to work. If you’re heading home from work and you want to earn a few dollar bills, just switch on the app and see if anyone around you needs a lift.

2. Pact

This one’s extra great because it forces you to work out at the same time.

Pact is a nearly 3-year old company that literally gives you money if you meet your fitness goals. Basically, you outline your goals when you sign up: you will work out X number of days or eat veggies Y times a week. Then you select an amount that will be deducted ($5 or $10) from your credit card if you miss a day.

Pact works by allowing you to check-in online at gyms or use myfitnesspal to log your meals. It’s pretty tough to cheat so this app might actually get you healthy in time for the next bikini season!

It will hurt if you miss you goal but if you make it you get paid – upto $5 a week paid out of the pool of money from everyone who didn’t hit their health and fitness goals.

3. Index Dollars

Index Dollars will pay you to take surveys, play games, shop online and more. How cool is that?

You just sign up and get your initiative e-mailed to you – fill them out and once you accumulate $30 you can cash out. It’s completely free to join and right now they’ll even give you $5 just for signing up. So far, they’ve paid out an impressive $35 to its members – money that is provided by advertisers looking to get eyeballs on products and feedback on consumer behavior.

 4. Foap

Foap will give you good government-backed fiat money when you take pictures using your smartphone. It may sound completely bananas but this Swedish company will pay you $5 for every photo that you manage to sell them.

Here’s the rundown. After downloading the app and signing up, you can upload your mobile photos and tag them appropriately. This allows the photos to be visible to those who might want to buy them – namely people looking for stock photos. Once Foap approves your photos, they’re put on the market and priced at $10. Foap takes half and you get half.

It’s a pretty steep cut but what else were you really going to do with those pictures?! The beautiful part though is Foap rewards you for taking quality pictures because you aren’t giving away the rights to your photos completely.

Instead…you are licensing the photo. Which means you can sell your photo as many times as you want – making $5 each time. It’s fairly-easy to get your photo approved, the approval rate is about 40%. With some trial and error, you could definitely figure out a way to get your photos to market. It’s all gravy from there.

5. Fronto

This app is another advertising based gig. This app basically hijacks your lock screen and places advertisements for products, articles or surveys. You get paid for engaging with the content there, whether or not you follow the link and more. You’re paid in Fronto points which can then be cashed out for dollars. 2,500 Fronto points will net you a good ole greenback.

Since launching in late 2012 the company has paid out $5 million in rewards.

Pro-tip: Pair this with Slidejoy, an app that competes in the same space, and double your earnings.

6. App Trailers

This app is very similar to Slidejoy and Fronto but it works with trailers. App Trailers will pay you to watch trailers for films, games and apps. If you’ve ever lost an hour or two mindlessly watching trailers for the newest movies on YouTube then maybe this app is for you. You could be entertained and get paid at the same time.

App Trailers works just like the lock-screen apps and you get points for each trailer you sit through. One thousand points will put a nice crisp dollar bill into your PayPal account.

These are just a few ways in which you can make a few extra bucks using the online economy and is extremely unobtrusive.

The idea is that you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to make an extra couple of dollars and each one of these apps allow you monetize time that you would have otherwise spent doing…nothing.

Go forth and earn!


Tip: Keep an eye out for the Wall Street Survivor app coming to a smartphone near you early 2016 ;)