Investing in gold can be viewed as exciting, scary, confusing, intimidating, or safe, depending on your outlook and experience. As always, knowledge is power. Here are some popular options to invest in gold successfully.

Wondering how to invest in gold?

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There are many options:

• Gold coins            • Gold bars           • Gold certificates           • Gold funds
• Gold-backed securities          • Gold futures           • Gold accounts

As you can imagine, the large menu of choices can be confusing to the new gold investor. Do your homework and learn about two subjects.

  1. The recent trends in gold prices.
  2. How the different gold options (coins, bars, certificates, securities, accounts and funds) are responding to recent trends.

The price of gold fluctuates.

The real time stock market prices of the various gold-related investment vehicles will also move in conjunction with or seemingly independent of the stated price of gold. As you learn the details of the choices noted above, you will also get a “feel” for the differences, beyond the obvious physical ones, that will help you successfully invest in gold.

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