The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 5.5% in February as the country added 295,000 jobs. Which is good news considering it was 10% right after the  2008 recession.  The U.S. private sector(not government controlled) added nearly 190,000 jobs in March, which was slightly below economist expectations. Nevertheless, the economy is chugging along and seems to be in good health. Keep reading to find out the most in demand and well paying jobs and how to get a high salary career in 2015.

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Where Are the New Jobs Coming From?

According to this release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the biggest net change in jobs came from the following areas: food services, professional and business services, construction, health care, transportation and warehousing industries.

Employment in food services led the way, with nearly 60,000 jobs added in February 2015, up from an average of 35,000 over the previous 12 months.

But if you don’t want to end up flipping burgers, there are other options available. The professional and business services came in next, with improvement in employment in the technical consulting sector of the industry. Computer systems design and engineering services areas are growing as well.

That result somewhat echoes the findings of research conducted through job bulletin board Looking through the number of job postings on Indeed, an article by Fortune magazine found that the healthcare and technology industries were both at the top of the pile. Both industries had 5 different jobs in the top 25. Healthcare’s top performers were nurses, physical therapists, and personal health caregivers.

Take a Look at Indeed’s Top 10 Most In Demand Jobs

1. Registered nurses

2. Truck drivers

3. Customer service representatives

4. Sales managers

5. Sales representatives

6. First-line supervisors or managers of retail sales workers

7. Software quality assurance engineers and testers

8. General and operations managers

9. Managers (all other)

10. Accountants and auditors

What if you were interested in which jobs were not only in demand but also paid well?

You’re in luck.

Last month Glassdoor, the jobs website that allows users to post salary information as well as company reviews, released its 25 Highest Paying Jobs In Demand report – identifying the careers that pay the most and are also in demand by employers all over the U.S.

The list was put together using data from the website’s databases. To qualify for contention, each job had to have at least 75 salary reports in the last year, and had to be in the top half rank for number of job openings.

Again, technology leads the way taking 14 of the 25 spots in the list. Healthcare also makes a strong showing with 4 spots.

Here Are Glassdoor’s Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

1. Physician

2. Pharmacy Manager

3. Software Architect

4. Software Development Manager

5. Finance Manager

6. Solutions Architect

7. Lawyer

8. Analytics Manager

9. IT Manager

10. Tax Manager

These 2 lists are not really the same. The top in-demand career according to Indeed was registered nurse, while Glassdoor has physician topping its list. This is because the Glassdoor list is limited to high-paying careers. Not one career in that list made less than $90,000 as an average base salary.


The top earning in-demand career on Glassdoor made over 50% more than the second best item on the list. With an average base salary of $212,000, physicians made over twice what Pharmacy Managers made ($131,000). However becoming a physician also requires the most training. The cost of a medical degree is around $300,000 these days. Healthcare in general did well on this list, with pharmacist, pharmacy manager, and physician assistant all making the top 20.

For those so technologically inclined, technology is also a good route to take. This area took up 14 of the top 25 slots with jobs like  Software Architect, Software Development Manager, Solutions Architect, Analytics Manager, IT Manager, Computer Hardware Engineer, Database Administrator, UX Designer, and Software Engineer all making the cut.

Software Engineer, coming in at number 23, was by far the most in-demand career with over 99,000 job openings posted on Glassdoor! The average base salary for a software engineer was $96,000! The difference in salary between the jobs at the bottom half of the list was just $10,000. It would appear that Software Engineer is the clear winner.

So how can I become a Software Engineer you ask? Simple, software Engineers typically have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or math. It is possible to be a self-taught software engineer, learning the craft by using online resources.

It is not surprising that software engineers play such a big role in today’s world. Even companies that are not necessarily tech-oriented need people with the skills and ability to manipulate technology and coding.


Outside of tech and healthcare, the job of finance manager scored pretty highly with a base salary of over $100k and 9200 job openings on Glassdoor. This makes being a finance manager a great alternative if business is down your alley.

If you want to gain employment in a field where there is excess demand and high salaries you’re best off studying medicine, computer science or finance.

Data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers appears to agree, as the chart above shows. The top 3 degrees that employers coveted were finance, accounting and computer science.

The job landscape has changed over the last decade. Lawyer, once the most popular profession, is less attractive than it used to be. As technology improves, and more and more business shifts online, there is an ever growing ever need for students versed in computer science. Finally, as people live longer and longer, the need for adequate healthcare increases – this explains why the trend of in-demand careers in the healthcare field will not end anytime soon.

But as one can imagine – it’s also important to do something you are interested in and have a passion for. The jobs above are just a guide. Nothing can guarantee that by studying medicine or finance that you will make the kind of money detailed above. Sometimes it’s better to just become a master of what you love doing and the money will follow.

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