Hey, it’s not easy fighting crime. Especially when “crime” is a giant octopus or a crazed super-villain. For Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, saving the world day after day certainly takes up their time and energy. But we wondered, what type of strain does it put on their wallets?

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We took a deeper look into their wardrobe, housing, and transportation costs to see which superhero has the most super-sized expenses…

Superhero Attire:

Superhero attire costs

Most Expensive – Let’s start with the most intricate of the three identity-masking costumes: the Batsuit. Not only is it made of sophisticated armor, but it also comes equipped with a myriad of weapons and gadgets. His helmet has sonar lenses. His cape transforms into wings via electric current. He’s basically “Go Go Gadget Batman.”  But it all comes at a price; the BatSuit costs a cool $300,000 according to the folks at the Batman Wiki.

Less Expensive – On the other hand, there is Spiderman … who is basically just wearing a leotard. For reference, here’s one from Discount Dance that only costs $35. That low price is lucky for Peter Parker, who as a high school student, doesn’t have any income.   (Unless he gets an allowance from Aunt May?) According to the comics, he sewed this little number himself. Quite the cost savings there; tailors sure are pricy.

Least Expensive – Superman also made his suit himself (what a crafty group of gentlemen!). Legend holds that the “super suit” is made from the blanket fabric Kal-El arrived wrapped in from Krypton. So if you’re ever thinking about how goofy it looks, remind yourself it’s from another planet. Sure, he’s probably using that material for its other-worldly powers, but even so, it’s a testament to his financial resourcefulness. Finding creative ways to reuse materials you already own is textbook expense management here by Superman.

Superhero Digs:

Super hero housing costs

First of all, all three Superheroes live in a version of NYC, by far the most expensive place to live in the United States. Per usual, it had the highest cost of living in 2013. So keep in mind even the “Least Expensive” option here won’t be cheap. *Marshall County, Mississippi has the lowest cost of living, but I guess there aren’t as many bad guys living there.

Most Expensive – Recently, Movoto Real Estate priced the elaborate Wayne Manor at $32 Million. That’s including all 150 acres of land, 11 bedrooms, and a live-in Butler. What it doesn’t include is the Batcave, which easily must add tens of millions more.  Livin’s easy when you inherit billions upon billions of dollars, eh Bruce?

Less Expensive – Clark Kent, on the other hand, is no billionaire. He probably can’t afford much on his reporter’s salary for the Daily Planet, especially considering the dire state of the newspaper industry.  Assuming he lives in an apartment in Manhattan, his rent would be (on average) $3,822 per month. Less expensive than Wayne Manor? Sure.  But still a hefty percentage of his yearly income.

Least Expensive – Then there’s Spiderman, who still lives at home in Queens with his Aunt and Uncle. Maybe a little embarrassing when Mary Jane comes over, but hey… can’t beat the rent!

Superhero Transportation:

Superhero transportation costs

Most Expensive – Boy does it cost a lot of money for Batman to get around. Batmobile, Batcycle, Batmobile that turns into a motorcycle, stealth Batplanes, Battanks, Batparachutes…the list goes on and on. Basically, if it can be found on a military base, Bruce Wayne keeps it in the cave.

How much does it all cost? (Deep Breath)… A lot.  His vehicles alone are estimated to cost almost $80 Million. Considering the price of the world’s most expensive car, that seems about right. The Lamborghini Veneno, hello gorgeous, comes in at $4M and doesn’t even include any crime fighting weapons or villain detecting computer devices.

Less Expensive – On the other end of the spectrum, we have Spiderman, who dives and swings throughout Manhattan without so much as paying cab fare. Spidey’s webs are a renewable resource! At no cost to Parker, thanks to that radioactive spider bite, he can now use his webs to get anywhere he pleases. A much cheaper way to get around town than the Batmobile, that’s for sure.

Least Expensive – And then there’s Superman, who… you know, can fly. If they were in a race to save the city, Superman would easily have the edge over Batman’s car and Spidey’s web acrobatics. He is faster than a speeding bullet, after all. Oh yeah, and for Superman, flying is free. Bruce Wayne may have the billions… but you can’t put a price tag on superpowers.

So, what have we learned?  That even Superheroes have to live within their means.  Impressively, Batman is the only one of the three who spends exorbitantly to achieve his success. And he, as we know, inherited a multi-billion dollar global enterprise that easily finances his side job fighting crime. It just goes to show that living a “super” lifestyle doesn’t require super-spending.

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