They say Wall Street never sleeps, and neither does the team over here at Wall Street Survivor.

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Over the last year, you’ve seen the site change dramatically: a brand new and “cleaner” interface, new content in the form of Courses (formerly “Missions”), articles and videos and improved gameplay.

Over the last six months, we’ve listened intently to your feedback and are really happy to be rolling out some exciting new features over the next few days. 

        1. New Dashboard Page

The first thing you’ll notice is a much friendlier look and feel. But here are some other features we’ve added:

  • Drag and Drop widgets: This is your dashboard. Organize the page the way you want.
  • Make a Trade: We know you want to get to the action quickly, so we’ve added a trade widget to the dashboard page where you can place your order quickly and easily.
  • A Watchlist: Not ready to make a purchase but want to keep an eye on a stock? Just add it to your watchlist and get ready to pounce on it when you are ready.
  • Quick portfolio: We’ve put a portfolio widget on the dashboard so you can see how your stocks are doing immediately.
  • Responsive Design: The page is “responsive”, which is a fancy way of saying it will work perfectly on your iPad, iPhone, Samsung or any other smartphone. Have a look below:

        2. New Trade Page

In the old design, we really tried to hold your hand through the trading experience, and cater it to the “newbie”. We realize we may have gone too far… In the new design, we’ve simplified the trading experience making it much simpler to place your trades. Oh and by the way, the trading page is made for mobiles as well!

        3. Speed.

Out of all the feedback we receive, speed seems to be the biggest concer. On the new dashboard and trading page, you should notice immediately that the site is much faster.

How did we do that? We rebuilt our database from the ground up, that’s how.

Implications for you: Unfortunately, after rebuilding our database, your Course progress will be lost. This was unavoidable, but we will be much better off afterwards. So if you have already completed some courses, or if you have some in progress, it’ll restore to zero. No matter…this makes for a perfect time to refresh your memory on what you’ve learnt so far!

In the weeks and months ahead:

That’s not all.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be rolling out changes to the Portfolio, Course and Leagues pages that we know you’ll love.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come:

Courses Page


Portfolio Page:

That’s all for now, keep following the blog to keep up with what’s changing, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

If you encounter any bugs please email us at

If you have some general feedback for us, you can reach us at

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