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Just wanted to let you guys know about this month’s WSS contest. We’re going to be giving this month’s top 10 finishers free copies of InvestingTeacher.com‘s eBook: The Interactive Guide to Technical Analysis. 

The 156-page eBook (valued at $29.95) is a fully hands-on approach to stock chart education. It takes you through everything from the basics of reading a stock chart to understanding advanced technical analysis concepts.

Here’s a look at the The Interactive Guide to Technical Analysis eBook:

Investing teacher

The top 3 earners of the month will also be receiving cash prizes: $100 goes to 1st place while 2nd and 3rd each walk away with a cool $25.

Time to roll up those sleeves and start trading people. This month will go by fast. And at the end of it, 10 people will walk away with an oppurtunity to further their investing knowledge come the July contest!

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Happy investing!