Explain Stocks Like I’m 5 Years Old

We may never know how the washing machine manages to eat our socks.

We may never totally get how Pluto was a planet but isn’t anymore.

But as for the stock market, how and why stocks are issued…it’s really not …

The Tao of Buffett

Over the years, Buffett has become a sort of hero to the investment community, with his mix of forthrightness and folksy wisdom.

His annual shareholder meeting, dubbed the Woodstock of Capitalists, draws investors from all over the globe – keen …

Why ETFs are Kind of Better than Mutual Funds

People often think that mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are pretty much the same thing. You know, since they both have the word “fund” in them and all.

Same difference right?

In reality…they’re two very different things. ETFs

Infographic: What Type Of Trader Are You?

Are you a Bull or a Bear?

… or a Whale … or a Shark??

The folks over at GoMarkets – a leading forex trading tool – created this awesome infographic that showcases the characteristics of different traders: Bulls, …

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