10 Money Management Tools That Will Rock Your World

Financial planning is crucial in these tough economic times. Managing your money may seem like a difficult and tedious task. But it doesn’t have to be one with the right money management tools. The best way to keep track of …

20 Tips That Will Help You Save Money On Groceries

Food  is a basic human need; no one can survive without it.

Unless your a breatharian…..but for us regular folk we need food. Hangry is a word for a reason!

So, No matter which way you slice it EVERYONE has …

How to know if you’re retirement ready

Are you retirement ready?

There’s no doubt that retirement accounts are an absolute necessity – but so many of us haven’t done a single thing to create one. The most common reasons are “I just don’t have any money to …

Why ETFs are Kind of Better than Mutual Funds

People often think that mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are pretty much the same thing. You know, since they both have the word “fund” in them and all.

Same difference right?

In reality…they’re two very different things. ETFs

7 Things Not to Do After Getting a Raise

YOU DID IT! You got the raise!

High fives all around. Quick celebration dance.

Wow, what a rush right? The temptation is probably to take the whole office down to the local watering hole and buy a round of drinks. …

What’s Your Money Personality?

Who are you…really?

Have you ever noticed that people around you tend to treat money…differently than you? The way one regards money and investing can be vastly different from someone else – yet not many people are aware …

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