7 Things Millennials Refuse to Spend Money On

If Millennials had one superpower, it would be saving.

Millennials are saving way more than previous generations did at their age. It’s no wonder: millennials have witnessed tumultuous changes in their lifetime. They look at what happened during the Great

4 Step Recovery from Shopaholism

What do you do when your spending gets…out of control?

Spending money is inevitable; we all need to spend some money to get by. The problem is when we spend money needlessly; buying things we don’t need with money we …

How to Save Money on Holiday Shopping This Year

The holidays are upon us – so get ready to kiss your sweet money goodbye.

Ok, that was pretty pessimistic. But while the holidays are a wonderful time to be with family and unwind…it also means one other thing: spending …

Setting (and Achieving) Financial Goals

Your first goal: set goals.

Okay – on the surface, setting financial goals seems simple enough. “I need to buy a house in a couple of years” or “I’d like to retire comfortably” or “I want to put my …

6 Tips to Use Your Credit Card Less

Since Diners Club released the first credit card in 1951, our nation has been rapidly evolving into a pay-by-card society. With the swipe of a card you could buy a car, a house, a vacation, an experience. No longer was …

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