Mcdonald’s Real Estate: How They Really Make Their Money

So McDonald’s doesn’t make their money from selling burgers.

Does that really surprise you?

A lot of us don’t realize that McDonald’s isn’t really a burger-flipping restaurant chain. Well, it is, but not purely. Peel back the layers and you’ll …

Shake Shack IPO Outlines Healthy Trend for Casual Fast Food

Shake Shack served Wall Street its IPO filing in late December 2014, boasting an estimated valuation of $1 billion. The burger chain is part of a larger cultural movement towards “fast-casual” dining that has overseen the subtle decline of fast-food …

The War Continues, One Big Mac at a Time

Well, it’s been about a week since I embarked on this journey to challenge the Intern for portfolio building bragging rights, and so far the results have been a little underwhelming.

My portfolio, comprised of just Amazon (for now), is …

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