6 Clever Company Stock Symbols

­­­Fun, creative, clever… these are some of the last adjectives you would use to describe the stock market. Inside the walls of the big banks to the offices of the fund managers, it’s fair to say that imagination is …

Brexit Consequences on International Trade

Breaking Down the Brexit Vote.

Brexit, cleverly combining the words Britain and exit, was a movement that started in the UK that was lobbying for Great Britain to separate itself from the E.U. The vote took place on June 23

3 Bizarre Things the Market is Doing Right Now

We’re about to explore the Bermuda triangles of the market. So hang on tight.

There are….curious things happening in global markets – things that seem to fly in the face of traditional financial understanding. We delve into three of them …

Revealed: What This Global Crisis Really Means

The world is kind of maybe about to go to sh*t.

Investors hit the panic button recently, as the Dow and S&P plunged dangerously. Both the stock market indices had their worst ever week in 4 years. The S&P …

Stock Market Volatility: How to Cope With it

What’s the difference between a train and a roller coaster? Stock Market Volatility. To beginners, the ups and downs and round-and-rounds can be thrilling yet frightening at the same time. Now…picture the stock market. In the past few years, …

Bears vs. Bulls: What These Investors Believe

The terms “bears” and “bulls” are used to define the differing behaviours of investors and their attitudes towards the stock market.

Bulls are the optimistic ones of the bunch. They believe stock prices will inevitably rise and good market conditions …

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