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Fed Leaves Training Wheels on…For Now

If you’ve ever learnt to ride a bike, you probably did so with the help of training wheels. You wheeled around the block, little legs pumping away, feeling safe in the knowledge that those additional tires had your back – …

How to Choose Between a Fixed or Variable Rate

Have you ever wondered which one is better: a fixed or variable rate? You might think that a variable interest rate is the best option always, given that a variable interest rate is one that is variable, meaning that it …

Earnest Lending: can your LinkedIn profile get you a lower interest rate?

You know those All State insurance commercials where they offer a good driving discount? Those usually frustrate me, because I feel like we should be getting rewarded more often for our good behavior. If they’re passing out discounts for good …

7 Things You Should Do Before Interest Rates Rise

One of the side effects of the 2008 financial crisis has been unusual drop in interest rates. But at some point, perhaps as soon as next year, rates will start rising again. (Not sure why? Take the Economics 101 course

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