Sharpe Ratio Definition & Example



Good question……

sharpe-ratioThe Sharpe Ratio, named after Nobel laureate William F. Sharpe, measures the rate of return in association with the level of risk used to obtain that rate. It’s a …

World Famous Investors: What you Need to Know

So you’re looking to get rich! Who isn’t?

A private cruise across the Amalfi coast, court side seats at the next Lakers game or a big house with acres of land….We hear you!

Here at WSS, we believe that one …

6 Clever Company Stock Symbols

­­­Fun, creative, clever… these are some of the last adjectives you would use to describe the stock market. Inside the walls of the big banks to the offices of the fund managers, it’s fair to say that imagination is …

Brexit Consequences on International Trade

Breaking Down the Brexit Vote.

Brexit, cleverly combining the words Britain and exit, was a movement that started in the UK that was lobbying for Great Britain to separate itself from the E.U. The vote took place on June 23

The Birth of an ETF

The ETF industry is humongous. Like, worth nearly $3 billion dollars kind of humongous. But did you ever even stop to wonder how it all begun?

You’d have to go all the way back to 1988 when a single, 840-page …

15 Best Personal Finance Podcasts to Know About

Podcasts are great. They’re like radio…but better. You’ve heard about Serial and how addictive it is – and now you have the top 15 finance podcasts on the go at any given time.

If you haven’t heard of podcasts, you’re …

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