15 Best Personal Finance Podcasts to Know About

Podcasts are great. They’re like radio…but better. You’ve heard about Serial and how addictive it is – and now you have the top 15 finance podcasts on the go at any given time.

If you haven’t heard of podcasts, you’re …

The Real Jobs Report

The U.S. added an enormous 242,000 jobs in February, smashing the forecasts of many economists.

It’s seen as wonderful news by many – indicating that the U.S. economy is in great health and everything is rosy and beautiful. The unemployment …

The Culture of a Hedge Fund

Showtime’s Billions took a week off but the show still lives large in our minds and has us pondering: what is life like at a hedge fund?

The popular show about a hedge-fund king and the U.S. prosecutor out to …

These Coins Cost More to Make than They’re Worth

Empty your pockets.

What’s in there? A half-eaten pack of gum, a few dollar notes, some crumbs from your morning bagel? Maybe even some coins?

Have you ever taken a second to consider how that money got there? Like…who makes …

In Gold We Trust (But Should we?)

People are running for cover.

Increasing stock market volatility (serious swings in stock prices) seems to be sending investors to gold. The precious metal has risen quite a bit since the start of the year – and the high level …

Nudge Theory: Who’s Really in Control?

You’re incredibly gullible. You probably have absolutely no idea just how gullible you are.

There’s a theory – a concept in behavioral science and economics – which tells us that our decisions can be super easily influenced and manipulated through …

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