What Are Municipal Bonds?

If you aren’t already invested in municipal bonds, you should probably be making space in your portfolio for them. Like right away. Because they are awesome. Not only are they a good way to diversify, but municipal bonds are also …

Explain Diversification Like I’m Five Years Old

How to strengthen your portfolio through diversification

Cliche aside, when it comes to choosing your investments, there really are no wiser words than:

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

No matter how hard you analyze and no matter …

What The TV Series “Friends” Can Teach Us About Diversification

You may have seen headlines recently about Jerry Seinfeld, a Wall Street Survivor favorite, being a Billionaire. Or rather, a 3-Billionaire, because that’s how much “Seinfeld” has made in syndication. (What did you expect? “Bee Movie” wasn’t the …

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