What are Millennials Doing with Their Money?

Millennials are making bank.

Millennials, those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, are estimated to have a combined global spending power of $2.45 trillion in 2015. There are about 80 million people in this cohort in the …

5 Times Investing is Better than Paying Off Debt

It’s a tough choice to make.

Do I put money aside to harness the magical power of compounding…OR do I set aside my hard earned dough to pay off that intimidating debt I have?

Debt is everywhere – whether …

5 Things You Need To Know About Money Before Age 30

If the blogosphere is correct, 30 is the new 20.

Even if that is true, when it comes to finances – it doesn’t mean you should keep making the mistakes you made in your twenties.

Once you hit dirty thirty …

Puerto Ric…D’OH! Island Territory Defaults on Debt

Imagine picking up a pebble and tossing it into the ocean.

Did it cause a tidal wave? Probably not.

Did it do absolutely nothing at all? More likely.

On August 3rd, Puerto Rico defaulted on a $58 million bond payment. …

Deliverance From Debt

Debt is everywhere. It’s been part of the social fabric of human life since, at least, recorded history. In fact, in David Graeber’s book, Debt: The First 5000 Years, he explains that debt is the earliest form of trade, …

What Makes Debt So…Sustainable?

Greece is just one of many countries in deep debt. 175% of gross domestic product, to be exact.

Think about all the goods and services that Greece – a nation of 11 million – produces. Think about how much those …

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