3 Criteria to Consider Before Purchasing a Dividend Stock

This is a guest contribution by Ben Reynolds. Ben runs Sure Dividend, which uses The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing to build high quality dividend growth portfolios for individual investors.

The point of owning a business is to make money

Moving Averages – Simple, Exponential and Weighted

It’s number crunching time!!!!!

One of the basic tools that every trader interested in technical analysis employs is the moving average. I know math can be boring, but if you’re going to look at trends, and want to dig …

7 Retirement Investing Tips for Beginners

George Manning writes about personal finance and investing strategies to prepare for retirement.

If you’ve never invested for retirement before, whether you’re 25 or 45, it’s not something to jump into haphazardly. You have myriad options at your disposal, all …

How is Money Really Created

Money makes the world go round!!!

Even as a kid, on some unconscious level, you felt it to be true. Remember fighting over who got to be the banker in Monopoly? Sure you do – everyone wanted to be the …

Alphabet & Apple: What you need to know

Apple is the most valuable company in the world.

There are always brave challengers, however…and Google is giving Apple a serious challenge as the holder of that title. Last week, Alphabet – Google’s new holding company – passed Apple to …

7 Things Millennials Refuse to Spend Money On

If Millennials had one superpower, it would be saving.

Millennials are saving way more than previous generations did at their age. It’s no wonder: millennials have witnessed tumultuous changes in their lifetime. They look at what happened during the Great

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