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The end of Brangelina: The Cost of Divorce!

Brangelina Split: The Financial Costs of Divorce Unless you've been living under a rock these days, you've heard the sad sad news that Hollywood's it couple, Brad Pitt...
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3 Bizarre Things the Market is Doing Right Now

We’re about to explore the Bermuda triangles of the market. So hang on tight. There are....curious things happening in global markets – things that seem to fly in...

Mcdonald’s Real Estate: How They Really Make Their Money

So McDonald’s doesn’t make their money from selling burgers. Does that really surprise you? A lot of us don't realize that McDonald’s isn't really a burger-flipping restaurant chain. Well, it is,...
Savings Gurus - Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey

10 Financial Gurus You Should Be Taking Advice From

You are the company you keep. If you’re someone who is struggling with their finances, starting to learn about budgets or just want to take charge of your...

9 Money Mistakes Most Lottery Winners Make

It’s a dream we all have at some point, perhaps as we’re commuting to a job we don’t like, or cringing at the latest credit-card statement. Wouldn’t...

3 Things You Must Know About Your Credit Score

       If you’re like most Americans, you have no idea. And yet a bad credit score could disqualify you from getting a credit card or mortgage,...