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Earnest Lending: can your LinkedIn profile get you a lower interest rate?

You know those All State insurance commercials where they offer a good driving discount? Those usually frustrate me, because I feel like we should be getting rewarded...
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Which Superhero Has the Most Super Sized Expenses?

Hey, it’s not easy fighting crime. Especially when “crime” is a giant octopus or a crazed super-villain. For Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, saving the world day after...

What’s Your Money Personality?

Who are you...really? Have you ever noticed that people around you tend to treat money...differently than you? The way one regards money and investing can be vastly different from...

The Tao of Buffett

Over the years, Buffett has become a sort of hero to the investment community, with his mix of forthrightness and folksy wisdom. His annual shareholder meeting, dubbed the...

15 Best Personal Finance Podcasts to Know About

Podcasts are great. They're like radio...but better. You’ve heard about Serial and how addictive it is - and now you have the top 15 finance podcasts on...

Walmart Crushed: What’s really going on

Remember that time you lost $11 billion dollars? Probably not, but that’s what happened to the heirs of Sam Walton, the entrepreneur and founder of mega-retailer Walmart. After...