Save Travel Repeat

Save. Travel. Repeat. – The Traveller’s Guide to Investing

It was a roller coaster of emotions for travelers this week, as a website glitch over at allowed users to purchase nearly free flights for a...
government shutdown

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Me?

Last week, Congress failed to agree on a new budget and the government was subsequently forced to shut down, with many federal agencies operating in a limited...
Twitter Cashtag

Follow This, Not That: Getting Financial Tips from Twitter

What makes Twitter fun is that you - as a user - get to choose who you want to follow, making your timeline an individualized news feed...
Saved By The Bell

How The Saved By The Bell Cast Would Have Invested In The Stock Market

Don’t be afraid to admit it- you know a lot about the characters from “Saved By the Bell.” You know where they hung out after school, what...

The Investor’s Report Card: Is GOOG a buy?

I think it’s safe to say that anyone reading this knows what Google is. Chances are you used Google search to get to this very page. Although they...
AP twitter hack

How Social Media Is Affecting The Stock Market

The Hack The breaking news on April 23 sent shockwaves throughout newsrooms and news junkies. The Associated Press sent out a Tweet that two explosions rocked the White...