Lululemon still has room to grow

The $18 billion market cap “athleisure” wear company Lululemon reported earnings and stunned Wall Street on 8/30/18. Posting incredible growth numbers, and still having room to grow...
new age bevereage

New Age Beverage Corporation is the next Helios (HMNY)

Looking at New Age Beverage Corporation seems to be a Wall Street equivalent of touching a hot stove, burning yourself, then doing it again. CEO Brent Willis...

Salesforce could be the SaaS force to be reckoned with

Reporting earnings after trading hours on 8/29/18, Salesforce ($CRM) is showing excellent, healthy growth. The stock beat both earnings per share estimates and revenue estimates, and has...
diamond pendant

Tiffany’s is the Apple of the jewelry world

Let’s face it, the world of diamonds and fine jewelry is a mythical place filled with snobbish men wearing top hats and monocles and parading around in...
airbnb property

Things to Consider When Buying an Airbnb Investment

Things to Consider When Buying an Airbnb Investment The income potential for an Airbnb property investment is quite apparent. It is quite likely that travelers will always be...

Shred your credit card like shredded cheese at Darden Restaurants

Another company makes the news for corporate security of your personal information that is extremely careless and borderline negligent. Darden Restaurants ($DRI) released an announcement that 567,000...