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Netflix Plummets as Market Corrects

On October 15th, Netflix’s stock price crashed – dropping more than $100 – on news that the company had not reached its forecast target for new subscribers. They...

Volkswagen: Das Lies!

So Volkswagens been lying to everyone for seven years. The German carmaker just recently admitted to outfitting millions of their diesel-powered cars with software designed to fool anyone...
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Is Your Lazy Portfolio a Little Too Lazy? The Answer is Probably Yes

Hey, it’s the holiday season. It’s OK to be a little lazy, right? Well, maybe in some ways. Eating too much turkey, watching too much TV and being...

Is Snapchat a Good Investment?

Snapchat’s going public!!!!! Your favorite app to share pictures of yourself with a dog face (or whatever other pictures you don’t want saved by the recipient….) is going...
Top Female Investors

The Top 8 Most Famous Female Investors

The Wolf of Wall Street tells the story of the somewhat insane life and times of Jordan Belfort, a self-made, rather illegal, multimillionaire. Between the incessant partying, obscene...
How To Build a Portfolio

How To Build A Portfolio

A diversified portfolio will ultimately help you reach your investment goals, but exactly how do you get there? You want to begin building your first stock portfolio and that’s...