What Are Dividends and How Do They Work?

What are Dividends?  

When companies make money, they give away part of these earnings to their shareholders. These declared earnings are called dividends. They come in the form of money (cash), stocks and a less likely form of assets.


Common Stock Vs. Preferred Stock: There’s More than one way to play

There’s More Than One Way to Play: Take Risks or Play It Safe?

Common Stock vs. Preferred Stock

When you invest in a company you become a shareholder and are issued a certain number of shares. You become a stock …

Investing in China: Trends You Need To Know

It is no secret that China has become a safe haven for foreign direct investment. With a population of more than 1.38 billion individuals, it is not surprising that businesses and countries alike would consider foreign investment in China.…

What Bill Gates’ Investments Look Like

Bill Gates has come a long way to stake his claim as one of the richest man on Planet Earth. Along with long-time friend Paul Allen, Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975. Before Microsoft evolved as the technological phenomenon that …

What is Buying Power?

Most investors are primarily concerned with the value of their holdings, the potential for their current holdings to increase or decrease in value, and their buying power. Buying power, or the ability to purchase more bonds and …

What is Wall Street? A Brief History and Overview

Wall Street represents duality. There is the symbolic notion of Wall Street which invites comparisons to the likes of Gordon Gekko and perhaps even Martha Stewart. There is also the literal Wall Street that is a geographical landmark and …

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