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Moving Averages – Simple, Exponential and Weighted

It's number crunching time!!!!! One of the basic tools that every trader interested in technical analysis employs is the moving average. I know math can be boring, but if...

What Bill Gates’ Investments Look Like

Bill Gates has come a long way to stake his claim as one of the richest man on Planet Earth. Along with long-time friend Paul Allen, Bill...

What is Buying Power?

Most investors are primarily concerned with the value of their holdings, the potential for their current holdings to increase or decrease in value, and their buying power....
What is wall street

What is Wall Street? A Brief History and Overview

Wall Street represents duality. There is the symbolic notion of Wall Street which invites comparisons to the likes of Gordon Gekko and perhaps even Martha Stewart. There...
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How To Make Safe Retirement Investments

Many people spend their lives working, counting down the days until they can enjoy the sweet rewards of retirement. But retirement brings with it many financial concerns...
Top Female Investors

The Top 8 Most Famous Female Investors

The Wolf of Wall Street tells the story of the somewhat insane life and times of Jordan Belfort, a self-made, rather illegal, multimillionaire. Between the incessant partying, obscene...