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Issuance of Shares

Issuing Shares: Understanding The Basics

Sometimes taking the effort to understand how and why things work gives us a better sense of control and offers tangible results. We may never know how...
greece is bankrupt

Greece is BANKRUPT

Greece is in the midst of economic catastrophe, with both political and economic repercussions on the horizon. The Greek debt crisis is many years in the making. In...
Trading Options 101

Trading Options For Beginners

Have you ever been told that trading options are too complicated to understand or too risky to invest in? The truth is options are no more complicated than...
hedge fund

The Culture of a Hedge Fund

Showtime’s Billions took a week off but the show still lives large in our minds and has us pondering: what is life like at a hedge fund? The...

The Birth of an ETF

The ETF industry is humongous. Like, worth nearly $3 billion dollars kind of humongous. But did you ever even stop to wonder how it all begun? You'd have...

7 Things Not to Do After Getting a Raise

YOU DID IT! You got the raise! High fives all around. Quick celebration dance. Wow, what a rush right? The temptation is probably to take the whole office down...