What’s Your Money Personality?

Who are you...really? Have you ever noticed that people around you tend to treat money...differently than you? The way one regards money and investing can be vastly different from...

4 New Year’s Resolutions Your Bank Account Will Thank You For

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the time of year that brings with it the promise of new beginnings and new hopes; the time when...
budget your time and money

5 Ways to Budget Your Time … and Your Money

They say that “time is money”. And for good reason, both are generally things we want more of. But unlike money, if time is lost there isn’t a...

Sharpe Ratio Definition & Example

WHAT IS SHARPE RATIO? HOW DO I USE IT? Good question...... The Sharpe Ratio, named after Nobel laureate William F. Sharpe, measures the rate of return in association with the...
oil price

Oil Price Update

Oil prices have collapsed, again. WTI and Brent crude oil prices are threatening their 5-year lows, yet again, and that means continued sweet + low prices at...
Trading Options 101

Trading Options For Beginners

Have you ever been told that trading options are too complicated to understand or too risky to invest in? The truth is options are no more complicated than...