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Explain Diversification Like I’m Five Years Old

How to strengthen your portfolio through diversification Cliche aside, when it comes to choosing your investments, there really are no wiser words than: “Don’t put all your eggs in...
credit card

6 Tips to Use Your Credit Card Less

Since Diners Club released the first credit card in 1951, our nation has been rapidly evolving into a pay-by-card society. With the swipe of a card you could...
fixed or variable rate

How to Choose Between a Fixed or Variable Rate

Have you ever wondered which one is better: a fixed or variable rate? You might think that a variable interest rate is the best option always, given that...

History Of Apple: Where Did Steve Jobs Go Wrong?

Everybody knows what the Big Apple is, right? New York City, baby. The be-all and end-all of urbanism. The coolest, hippest metropolis on earth. The one everyone...

The Birth of an ETF

The ETF industry is humongous. Like, worth nearly $3 billion dollars kind of humongous. But did you ever even stop to wonder how it all begun? You'd have...
herd behaviour

3 Ridiculous Cases of Herd Behaviour

Herd behaviour is the tendency for individuals to mimic the actions of a larger group. Individuals in the group make decisions that they normally would not have...