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Historic Market Drop: 6 Critical Questions Answered

This week has been mayhem for investors. You had questions. We had questions. FOX Business Network's Deirdre Bolton had answers. 1) Why are stock markets around the world falling? If Monday was...
The future of investing

What does the future of investing look like?

When investing, do you ever feel left out as the “little guy?” Like you don’t have access to the opportunities that large institutional investors get presented? Well, if...

What is an IPO: Why Companies Go Public

There are as many glorified tales of triumphant IPOs as there are devastating ones about companies whose entry into the public markets proved their ultimate undoing. Not...

Black Friday: The Aftermath

Ah, Black Friday. That fateful day every year when American consumers rush to retail stores everywhere to battle it out for the ultimate holiday savings. And for...

Puerto Ric…D’OH! Island Territory Defaults on Debt

Imagine picking up a pebble and tossing it into the ocean. Did it cause a tidal wave? Probably not. Did it do absolutely nothing at all? More likely. On August 3rd,...

Is the stock market rigged?

Best-selling author Michael Lewis certainly thinks so. In his latest book Flash Boys, he examines the phenomenon of high-frequency trading, and concludes that a few companies are...