Retired couple

How To Make Safe Retirement Investments

Many people spend their lives working, counting down the days until they can enjoy the sweet rewards of retirement. But retirement brings with it many financial concerns...

3 Wall Street Scams That Will Totally Ruin Your Life

It’s a dangerous place out there - and the stock market is no safe place. Throughout history there've been con men, but recognizing the cons being played...
market cap

Understanding Market Cap

Market cap is calculated by multiplying the market price of stock by the number of issued shares of stock. Traditionally, companies are divided into small, mid and...
planned obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence: Built Not to Last

The things you own go out of style and gadgets break; but what do you do when companies build those features into the products you buy –...

Biotech Update

  The biotech industry is poised for a breakout in 2017 after a disastrous 2016. Here’s what you need to know: The Decline 2016 was a year marred by political...

Bitcoin Backed By Big Business

2014 saw bitcoin’s biggest progress in terms of new merchants backing the currency as companies like Microsoft, Paypal, Ebay, Newegg and Overstock get behind the cryptocurrency. While...