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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Control Your Spending

Ever wake up in cold a sweat, next to piles of shopping bags piled on other piles of shopping bags and a mountain of credit cards strewn across the...
investing mistakes

10 Investing Mistakes to Avoid Like Hell

These same mistakes have been made by investors, repeatedly, since the dawn of modern markets. Your chances of investment success will be significantly boosted if you're aware of...

A Timeline of Historical Moments, Brought To You by Elon Musk Tweets

Elon Musk is a man who defies characterization. He’s done more in the last ten years than most (all?) of us will do in our entire lives. This is...

7 Things Not to Do After Getting a Raise

YOU DID IT! You got the raise! High fives all around. Quick celebration dance. Wow, what a rush right? The temptation is probably to take the whole office down...
Morning Coffee costs

How Much Does Your Morning Coffee Actually Cost?

It happens to the best of us, frivolous purchases that we may not need, but convince ourselves we deserve… that specialty morning coffee, that handbag we spot...

Is the stock market rigged?

Best-selling author Michael Lewis certainly thinks so. In his latest book Flash Boys, he examines the phenomenon of high-frequency trading, and concludes that a few companies are...