Ethereum took the world by storm in 2017, and for good reason. It’s innovative smart contracts provided a wealth of practical implications, and teams worldwide are finding creative ways to use smart contracts to solve real problems. A wide variety of teams and projects have utilized Ethereum as a platform, and we’ve covered five of the most intriguing up-and-coming coins below.

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Southeast Asian Payments: OMG

OmiseGo (OMG) is a payment-focused token hailing from Singapore. Southeast Asia is one of the most underbanked regions of the world. That’s one reason a number of crypto companies have set up shop in Singapore, a finance and tech hub. A spinoff of the existing Thai payment company Omise, OmiseGo is launching a mobile wallet through a decentralized exchange. Southeast Asians may not have a lot of bank accounts, but most people have a phone. The wallet will have practical business implications as well, with capability to handle B2B payments, supply chain finance, loyalty programs, and payroll deposit.


FunFair for a Good Time

Sometimes you’re just looking to kick back and have some fun, and FunFair is one of the premier online gambling cryptocurrency projects. It’s well-documented that online gambling is a huge business, but exceedingly prone to regulation. A decentralized gambling platform like FunFair could take advantage of both things. Founder Jez San previously worked at Argonaut games, and has an extensive background in both video games and online poker. He leads a team striving to build an online gambling platform through Ethereum and their own blockchain. Blockchain use will keep fees low, and Ethereum’s random number generator can be used to ensure fairness.


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Screening Out Fakes: Wabi

Sometimes we forget cryptocurrencies originated to solve people’s problems. One of the teams dedicated to doing just that is Wabi. Hailing from China, Wabi is a project aimed at detecting counterfeit products. Whether or not a Gucci handbag is authentic is of minimal importance, but determining real baby food from fake can be life or death. Wabi lets customers scan products to validate authenticity. The more products scan, the more Wabi tokens accumulated, which can be used to purchase products inside the system.


Request Network: the Easiest A to Z

It can be exhausting figuring out the easiest way to pay someone, even in the age of crypto. Cash, crypto, PayPal, carrier pigeon – Request Network solves that problem. Request will assess the fastest platform to send a transaction when submitted. Users can also route transactions, with B2B implications. For instance, a store using Request Network could instantly send the correct amount of a transaction in taxes, as opposed to figuring it out later.


Coming Soon to ESPN: Unikorm Gold

One of the businesses primed to grow the most in 2018 is eSports. eSports is a $700 million-dollar industry, and a growing chunk of the $100 billion gaming market. With it going increasingly mainstream, it’s only natural that people will want to gamble on it, and Unikorn Gold lets them do that. Unikorn Gold is an upgrade to the existing Unikorn coin, which allows for gambling and speculation on eSports.

It’s still early days for all these projects, but 2018 is poised to be a huge year for cryptocurrency. Whether it’s solving serious problems or just entertaining people, there’s a project for everything coming out on the Ethereum blockchain. We’ll be keeping a close eye on all these coins.