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Investing is the surest path to wealth creation.

Unfortunately inflation tends to erode away at the purchasing power of your money. You can keep the forces of inflation away by investing in the market. Since 1928, the stock market has returned around 10% annually.

The only problem is, many of us are unsure of how to start. How do you go about putting your hard-earned money on the line when you know absolutely nothing about investing? Even if you know nothing about putting your money in the right areas, you have an understanding that it takes a certain amount of skill and time to do so efficiently.

Enter Stash.

Technology has changed the way we view and make investments. There are hundreds of apps that offer an investing education resource or create a unique platform for you to execute trades. However, the presence of many options makes it hard to choose the platform that suits you best. Stash wants to make investing easy, and convert the 50% of Americans who don’t invest.

If you want the best investment platform, the key factors to consider are of course simplicity and accessibility. Stash makes it incredibly easy to manage and make investments. The app is simple to use and even allows you to group your investments under categories. Monitoring your investments becomes a breeze.

Here are a few other points that make Stash perfect for new investors.

Low Minimum Requirement

Unlike other investment platforms which can require thousands of dollars as a minimum requirement, Stash allows you to begin your investment journey with just $5.


Brilliantly incorporated in the Stash app are tools which enable beginner investors to learn about the different types of investments available to you. Whether you need to know the difference between an ETF and an Index Fund or read about tax-efficient investing strategies, Stash has you covered.


The Millennial-centric application is a well-designed investment platform with a simple and gorgeous user interface. Accessing the features you love with zero stress.

Theme Investing

Stash makes theme investing, or investing according to an overall goal or thesis, a total walk in the park. The app curates certain investments to let you invest in a particular play or theme.

  • Global Citizen
    This is a feature which allows you to invest in companies all over the world. Diversify your portfolio by gaining access to 7604 companies across 48 different countries.
  • American Innovators
    Impact investing at its best. This option allows you to invest in American companies that that are really making a difference in the lives of people. You will find companies like Apple and Facebook in this ETF, as well as consulting giant Accenture and HR outsourcer Paychex.
  • Clean & Green
    Renewable energy is the real deal. If you’re a fan of clean and sustainable energy, you can now put your money where your mouth is by investing in companies producing various forms of clean energy.

Low Fees

Considering how much value Stash offers, the service fees are extremely affordable. Balances under $5000 are required to pay a monthly fee of just $1 and 0.25% per year for accounts whose balances are $5000 and above. That works out to just $12.50 yearly.

If you want to invest and have been put off by the choices out there, then maybe you should consider Stash. Their mission is to make investing simple, transparent and accessible.

Regardless of your investment ambition and potential, Stash has something for you.

Start investing with Stash today.

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